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4-in-1 Weight Management Probiotic


When you’re trying to slim down, one of the biggest challenges is resisting the constant cravings you feel for fattening foods. To make matters worse, when you try to force yourself to cut calories, your metabolism slows down… and that makes your energy go down and your body fat go up. Not to mention, the change in diet often increases digestive problems.

BIO-X4 is specifically designed to flip that situation on its head and help you…

  • Control those cravings that make you overeat
  • Boost your metabolism and burn more fat
  • Get the energy and nutrients you need from the food you eat
  • Feel more confident without gas and bloating after eating


4.8 out of 5
4.8 OUT OF 5
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4 out of 5

Aug 10 2017   Works

“Took as directed 5 min before a meal and I got full quicker so I ate less. Losing my tough to get rid of belly fat. I don't use it with every meal, mainly just lunch or dinner. I like the results and will continue to use it.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 10 2017   Best Ever!

“I've tried a lot of probiotics but this one seems to give me more energy throughout the whole day”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 10 2017   Nucific

“Very happy with Nucific, the product has made a positive impact in my weight loss and overall well being! It has lived up to its promises. The customer service department and all the staff are such a delight to contact and exceptional at helping me out.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 10 2017   Saweeeeeeet!!

“Simply the best probiotic that I have ever used!! Digestion seems to be a lot quicker and I feel a lot better. As a Chef we can get bloated real quick with all of the in and outs of the Restaurant Life. Nucific has helped me out tremendously with my different eating lifestyle of constantly tasting and nibbling on food all day. Nucific is Cooler than a fan!! Lol”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 9 2017   Amazing Results

“Bio-x4 changed my life, I feel so much better now than I did before. Results were not there at first, but then, my lbs started dropping like crazy! I feel so much more comfortable in my body thanks to this probiotic”

*Results may vary

4 out of 5

Aug 8 2017   So Far So Good

“Within 2 weeks on Bio X4, I really noticed my upper stomach had become a lot flatter and I had regular constitutionals. Currently, I seem to have reached a plateau but hopefully I will continue to see positive results again soon.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 7 2017   BIO-X4

“I have been taking Bio X 4 regularly for several months and will continue because I feel my digestion is so much better than without it. Also it is a great value compared to other probiotics.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 5 2017   BIO X4

“I love Bio X 4. I had been taking probiotics and was considering another product for digestion/appetite reduction and then saw the commercial for this product with them all in one! I've been taking it for six months and I feel great. Pair this up with a healthy diet and exercise and you'll have all you need for success.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 4 2017   Seeing results!

“I have been taking this religiously for 2 months and trying to eat clean/healthy. I do feel a difference in energy and have been able to forego my sugar-laiden coffee in the morning. I find that no matter what I eat, I am satisfied until my next meal. I have started to notice a change in my body shape/size as well. I will definitely keep using this product.”

*Results may vary

5 out of 5

Aug 4 2017   Bio-x4

“Loving it. Since I started taking, my blood sugar count went down. Although I have not noticed a big drop on my weight, I noticed my belly is getting smaller.”

*Results may vary

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Who Needs BIO-X4?

BIO-X4 can be helpful to anyone who is trying to slim down naturally without dangerous prescription drugs… without radical lifestyle changes… without impossible-to-maintain diets.

If you are having trouble curbing that hunger and getting the body you deserve, try BIO-X4 for 90 days risk-free. If you are not 100% satisfied with your fat-loss results, increased energy levels, and improved digestive health… we’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

How BIO-X4 Works

With a unique blend of 4 different digestive and fat-loss enhancers, each capsule of BIO-X4 is designed to help you feel great while shrinking your waistline. The hunger-control power of Caralluma Fimbriata and the fat-burning capabilities of EGCG work in concert with the digestive boost of probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your body reach its full weight-loss potential.

With your hunger down and your energy up, you can finally begin to see the progress you’ve been struggling to achieve in both your weight and your health.

Users of BIO-X4 have reported…

  • Dramatically reduced junk food cravings
  • Losing stubborn fat that they couldn’t lose before
  • Significantly more energy throughout the day
  • Freedom from embarrassing gas, bloating, and irregular bathroom visits

What’s in BIO-X4?

Caralluma Fimbriata: Multiple studies have shown Caralluma Fimbriata extract to be a safe and powerful appetite suppressant. One study published in Appetite (May 2007) indicates that Caralluma extract helps suppress appetite and reduce waist circumference.1

EGCG is natural compound found in green tea. It has been shown in several studies to boost the body’s fat-burning activity. One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that EGCG quadrupled belly fat loss.2

Digestive Enzymes are tiny protein molecules that break down the foods you eat and unlock the nutrients for your body to absorb. As you get older, though, your production of these enzymes starts to slow down. BIO-X4 includes 3 key digestive enzymes to help you get the most from the food you eat:

  • Amylase: breaks down sugars
  • Lipase: breaks down fats
  • Bromelain: breaks down protein and helps calm intestinal irritation

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help balance your gut. Your digestive system has both good and bad bacteria:

  • Good bacteria help you absorb the nutrients your enzymes unlock from your food.
  • Bad bacteria cause digestive problems and make you crave sugars, carbs, and other unhealthy foods.

Unfortunately, the American food supply is loaded with ingredients that feed the bad bacteria and wreak havoc on your digestive system. BIO-X4 gives you 12 billion CFUs of friendly probiotic bacteria from 5 unique strains to re-balance your digestive system and increase energy levels.3 4

Suggested Use:

Whenever you are about to eat, simply take 1 capsule of BIO-X4 beforehand. Then, enjoy your meal!

We Are Passionate About Product Safety:

Every capsule of BIO-X4 is packed with essential ingredients to control your cravings, enhance your digestion and metabolism, and help you achieve fat-loss results that have eluded you for years.

However, just as important to us is what we do NOT put in the capsules.

  • No Lactose
  • No Fillers
  • 100% Pure Ingredients
  • Vegetarian Capsules

BIO X4 Offers A Full 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, send back your order within 90 days for a full refund – no questions asked. You will be absolutely amazed at just how quickly your body can change. See the results for yourself…

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bottles Do You Recommend I Order?

The majority of our customers enjoy taking advantage of the discounted 3-bottle option. For those who wish to share with their families, we recommend investing in our even lower discounted 6-bottle option.

What’s In Bio X4?

Does it cause any side effects?

BIO X4 has no known side effects and is made up of pure ingredients. They only help your system. We use gluten-free, allergen-free capsules, so you can take them no matter what your diet restrictions may be.

How do I take BIO X4?

For optimal results, take 1 capsule of BIO X4 with each meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Supplementing each meal with digestive help that assists in processing your food and extracting the maximum amount of nutrients gives your body the tools it requires to operate at its peak level of performance.

What will happen if I miss a day?

Preferably, you want to take BIO X4 consistently on a daily basis, to allow your body to build up a prime level of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial bacteria. If you happen to miss a serving, or even an entire day, just continue as normal the next day.

How long should expect to wait before I see results?

Everyone’s digestive system is a bit different. However, I feel you should give BIO X4 at least 30 days to fully get to work, and some users really start to see results after 60 days. I guarantee, if you are taking the recommended serving of 3 capsules on a daily basis, exercising regularly, and not overeating carbs and sweets, you will start seeing results within the first 1-2 months.

Can I purchase BIO X4 in stores?

Because BIO X4 is brand-new, it’s not available in stores. Currently, this is the only place where BIO X4 is being sold.


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