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Digestive Comfort Complete

The natural way to banish bloating, soothe your gut, and relieve discomfort

Digestive Comfort Complete

The natural way to banish bloating, soothe your gut, and relieve discomfort

Poor digestion can cause discomfort, drain your energy, and deprive your body of vital nutrients. Digestive Comfort Complete is the simple way to put the ball back in your court — so you can look and feel your absolute best!*


Made With You In Mind

MFG in
the USA

GMP Certified

Made With You In Mind

MFG in
the USA

GMP Certified

How It Works

Reduces Gas & Bloating*

Artichoke Leaf Extract works to reduce the buildup of uncomfortable gas, while relieving abdominal discomfort and helping to relieve stomach unease.

Ginger Root Extract helps you experience long-term relief from bloating and “brain fog,” so you’ll be up for doing more of the things you enjoy.

Supports Smoother Digestion*

Peppermint Powder promotes smoother digestion, offers relief from abdominal bloating and stomach discomfort, and helps burn unwanted fat — so you can look and feel your absolute best.

Panax Ginseng provides “soothing warmth” to your digestive system, helps support a healthier body, and promotes long-lasting energy.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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How many bottles should I order?

The majority of our customers enjoy taking advantage of the discounted 3-bottle option. For those who wish to share with their families, we recommend investing in our even lower discounted 6-bottle option.

What's In Digestive Comfort Complete?

Does it cause any side effects?

Digestive Comfort Complete has no known side effects and includes only pure ingredients that help your system. We also use gluten-free, allergen-free capsules, so you can take them no matter what your diet restrictions may be.

How do I take Digestive Comfort Complete?

For optimal results, take 1 capsule of Digestive Comfort Complete, twice a day, with your two largest meals. Take each dose with 8 oz. of water. Digestive Comfort Complete will then help your digestive system gently and smoothly process your food, so that you are free from the after-meal distress that was taking the fun and enjoyment out of eating.

What will happen if I miss a day?

Preferably, you should take Digestive Comfort Complete consistently on a daily basis, to avoid any break in your continued progress and improvement. If you happen to miss a dose, or even an entire day, just continue as normal with your next scheduled dose.

How long should I expect to wait before I see results?

Everyone’s digestive system is a bit different. Some users have reported smoother digestion and less gastric distress within the first few days of use. However, I feel you should give Digestive Comfort Complete at least 30 days to fully go to work for you. Some users experience the best results after 60 days. I guarantee, if you are taking the recommended serving of 2 capsules on a daily basis, you will start seeing results within the first 1-2 months.

Can I purchase Digestive Comfort Complete in stores?

Because Digestive Comfort Complete is brand new, it’s not available in stores. Currently, this is the only place where Digestive Comfort Complete is being sold.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule with 8 oz of water before each of your two biggest meals.


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