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Nucific > Bio X4 Reviews

Bio X4 Reviews

Find out why people love Nucific Bio X4! Below are real customer reviews of Bio X4. Click to read all Nucific reviews.

Bio X4 Customer Reviews


Oct 15 2021

I feel good


I seem to have more energy, I have lost 3 pounds, I sleep much better and I have regular bathroom visits. I am a 78 year old so I needed that extra boost. I ordered one bottle to start with about a month ago and I am going to order more.


Oct 15 2021



I have always had a problem with bloating. Recently the bloating continues with musical passing of wind. Not happy with that, Since I have been on your product the bloating has diminished along with the gas. So happy, I will continue with the product.


Oct 15 2021

Bloating is gone!

I just received my order and have only been taking the supplement for a few days but I have to say that even in the first day it relieved bloating. Prior to this almost every time i ate I experienced uncomfortable bloating. My cravings are noticeably reduced and I feel full after eating whereas I used to feel hungry after eating! I was skeptical when I ordered but I’m glad I took a chance and tried it!


Oct 15 2021

Bio X44

I have been having positive reaction to this product. Regular bowel movements, less bloating, more energy. I still have cravings but that’s on me. Thank you.


Oct 15 2021

Feeling good

I’ve been taking it about 3 weeks. Sweet cravings are diminishing. No considerable weight loss but I must say I’m less bloated and more regular. Time will tell.


Oct 14 2021

Pleased with the Bio-4

I am pleased with the results from using the Bio-4 caplets. My hunger is tapered between meals and the digestion of food has been more satisfactory. Thank you for an easy to use program for healthy living.


Oct 14 2021


I have seen a noticeable, positive, change in my digestion. I feel like it’s helping me avoid sweets and cravings better than anything else I have ever tried. Energy is up and bowel movements are much more regular. Thanks Dr. Amy for introducing me to Bio-x4.


Oct 14 2021

I feel ... better

Its super hard to put my finger on the specific reasons why, but I just feel … better. I have a little more energy and I feel a little sharper, rarely have brain fog anymore. My guts seem to generally be healthy and happy and I just feel pretty good. I have not seen any weight loss that I have noticed, but I do appreciate healthier foods more. I just feel I am headed in the right direction.


Oct 14 2021


I have been using this product for almost 4 weeks now. I started with taking one pill three times a day but didn’t see much of a result with that so I changed to two pills three times a day. With that increase in what I take I can see a big difference. I have a lot more energy and I don’t feel bloated when I get done eating. I am sleeping better now as well. I am not sure if that is from the pills but my overall feeling everyday is great. I haven’t seen much in the weight loss yet but I feel like that will come as I continue to take the pills and exercise.


Oct 13 2021

I’m feeling great

I’m feeling so much better, less bloated and no cravings for junk food. My digestive system is normal now!


Oct 13 2021

For me it works

I have been using Bio X4 for about 3 weeks consistently. I feel more energized and not so heavy and bloated after meals. I make more conscious efforts to eat better and with these pills as a reminder amd doing a good job. I have started exercising more (nothing outrageous for a heavy senior), but truly more than in the past 3 years. I feel Bio X4 is a help to my body and has started me on a new path. My weight has come down a small amount but I needed these to feel better able and willing to do more. For me it works. Thanks much


Oct 13 2021


Even my husband notices that I am full of energy! My appetite has decreased, I seem to crave foods that are healthier for me, my digestive system seems to be becoming more regular! I am combining BIO-X4 with an exercise regimen, including using my elliptical, which prior to my energy levels increasing was just gathering dust and being used as a dryer for my bed comforters! I actually look forward to my exercise days! I know that I am losing weight, (and I’m only on my first month’s bottle of BIO-X4) and the best compliment is my husband saying so! I haven’t weighed myself, because I am waiting to be weighed in at my doctor’s appointment next week, so I can WOW him and myself at the same time! I LOVE BIO-X4! This supplement is awesome, and it does what Dr. Lee says it does! I am very happy!


Oct 13 2021

Great product

I being using this product for a few weeks and is excellent more energy more awareness and less hunger i’m very happy with the results I will continue using this product


Oct 13 2021

product that works

Only been on the Bio X4 for 26 days but so far so good. I love that I don’t have the food cravings and that helps me eat better. I have had up days and down days but weight is going down slowly, but going down that’s a good thing. I feel like I have more energy to get through my day that starts early for me. Having a small dairy goat farm and raising my Corgi dogs keeps me real busy. Bio x4 helps me eat right even though my schedule is crazy some days. I would recommend Bio X4 to may friends and family for sure.


Oct 13 2021


I have been taking Nucific for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed my digestion problems getting better. I have less bloating and more energy. I am going to keep taking it and hopefully notice even more of a change the longer I take it.


Oct 12 2021


I have only been taking BIO-X4 for just over a week. The result so far is that I don’t get so hungry and have no desire to snack in between meals.


Oct 12 2021


My energy levels have increased. My digestive seems to have become more regulated than ever before. I am happy with the results and will continue using it.


Oct 12 2021

Less bloating

I’ve been using Nucific for a few weeks now and am delighted with the results. I take one capsule with each meal. I am in my 50’s and have been suffering a slow and sensitive digestive system for years. Nucific has reduced my bloating and discomfort after eating. I even feel a little thinner and have been getting compliments on my appearance. I have found there is no aftertaste or stomach upset with the probiotic supplement. I have been recommending it to my friends and family as I am seeing benefits of its effectiveness in aiding food digestion. Thank you


Oct 12 2021

Weight loss

I’ve been using Nucific bio x44 for a few weeks and have dropped 5 pounds, have more energy and don’t feel hungry all the time. Thank you, Dory


Oct 12 2021

Wow! Amazing beginning


I wasn’t sure if I would notice a difference. I honestly forget about the benefits of the products until I start thinking about how my appetite has been more under control. I don’t feel like snacking during the day or in the evenings anymore. I have more energy. The best part is my body feels better and I really haven’t done anything different except take the Nucific before each meal.


Oct 12 2021

Loving it!

Thank you Dr Amy bio x 4 is absolutely excellent. It’s been a few weeks now and I noticed that I’m digesting my food much better I’ve lost that little pouch that’s below my belt and thank you for the recipes as well they’re very healthy and especially very delicious. My energy level has almost doubled I’m even enjoying working out each day I would recommend this product to anyone as long as they use it as directed. Mike


Oct 12 2021

So far, so good

Have only been using for a few weeks, but noticing a difference in my appetite and ability to stop eating before the plate is empty. And I definitely notice a lack of bloating/discomfort. Will stick with it and see what happens.


Oct 12 2021


I’m seeing great results with BioX4! My energy level and digestion have improved dramatically and I have also noticed an improvement in my sleep quality as well.


Oct 12 2021

Nucific Bio Supplement

Been taking product for a few weeks and my overall feeling is great. I can tell I am not as hungry as before. I try not to forget my dose, so I can keep this great feeling and help in my keto diet!


Oct 12 2021

A positive change

I’ve only been using Bio X4 for a couple of weeks… and my energy levels have increased and bloating has decreased quite obviously. I’m starting to feel more vital and happier. I had attributed low energy levels to being in my 50s. Its not that at all. I’m so pleased!


Oct 11 2021


I’ve been taking the capsules as directed for only 2 weeks and have experienced a great change with my digestion issues.No bloating or diarrhoea. Wonderful.Also noted a decrease in carbohydrates cravings. Great results.


Oct 11 2021

Bio-X4 Review

I’m currently on a weight loss program and decided to use Bio-X4 to enhance my results. I can say that I do have more energy and do feel a lot less bloated since I’ve added this into my daily routine. I’ve also received more compliments about how I good I look and about my weight loss. I really do feel that this has helped me enhance my weight loss results.


Oct 11 2021


This is my second time to be on Nucific Bio-x4 and I am so glad after several years, to get back on it. I have all kinds of digestive trouble and this has helped me so much! I know I have way less bloating, and definitely have more regular bathroom habits and I just feel good! I really think it does help with weight loss, maybe with suppressing your appetite…? Anyway, as someone who is leaving her 50’s soon, I feel fantastic! I Love it!


Oct 11 2021

It works

Been using the x4 for couple of week. I noticed a difference while taking it in just over a week. My cravings has stopped or limited and my weight has been controlled. Even I ate a lot on a day, I never felt bloated or tired. Day to day overall taking this and supplement it with probiotic complex, i can say that it works for me big time!!


Oct 11 2021

Feeling better!

I have been using the capsules for a few weeks and I have noticed that my stomach is not as bloated, my unhealthy cravings have lessened and I only eat what I need.


Oct 10 2021

More energy

Since taking Bio X4 I seem to have much more energy. At first I couldn’t think why I got my housework done and still had energy to go for a ride on my motorcycle. Usually I had to plan my riding for another day because I would be worn out from the housework. At my age (75) I can use all the help I can get.


Oct 10 2021

Nuciffic biio-x4

I have really noticed a difference in digestion since using this product. I really recommend using it and feel its made a difference trying to lose weight.


Oct 10 2021


I’m still on my first bottle and my appetite is curbed, my BM is more regular, less straining and no bloating! I am, for sure going to give it the full three months. I just physically feel better! Sandra from FL


Oct 9 2021

Bio X4

I have used this product for about a month and have improved digestive function and more energy.


Oct 9 2021

Not hungry

Since I started using the product I no longer have cravings and hunger is not every day in my life as it was before. This product is also excellent help your body become regular.


Oct 9 2021

Works with me

My spouse and I have been taking this for a week and have noticed a positive reaction in our bodies. Digestion is great and no feeling bloated. Energy levels up a little. Good probiotics.


Oct 8 2021


I have been using BioX4 approximately 3 weeks. I have more energy, exercise & eat small vegetarian meals & water. I’ve lost 3 pounds! I recommend Nucific as a lifestyle


Oct 8 2021


I have been using BioX4 for a couple of weeks and my energy level, digestive function and rest quality have all noticeably improved.


Oct 8 2021

Positive Results

I made the mistake of stopping when I ran out. I then realized how much BIOx4 was helping on many levels with appetite, probiotics/digestion, assistance with weight loss, etc. Glad to be back on it and getting on a good track to health. Thank you!


Oct 8 2021

Excellent product

Since I have been taking it my digestive problem has gotten better and my body feels good.


Oct 8 2021

Feeling Good!


I am about a month in with Bio-X and I have felt a differnce! The bloating in my belly is going away and my energy is starting to come back. I don’t weigh myself but I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting there has been some weight loss! I look forward to continuing to see what further progress I can make 🙂


Oct 7 2021


I have been using this product for about a month. I’m very much impressed with the difference it is making in my bathroom habits. I also notice an increase in my energy. I’ll keep taking it and look forward to more great results and that’s when I’ll give it all five stars.


Oct 7 2021


Wonderful to have my health back, with my life back so much life to enjoy now! Eating & feeling better! Lost of weight and looking better in my clothes. This has made such a difference in my life and health. Thanks so much for this product.


Oct 7 2021

Great Product

I was a little weary of the hype for this product, but I decided to try it out and it has lived up to the hype so far! I feel better, my digestive track is improving, my intestines are moving normally and feeling better. My mind and body overall actually feel better.


Oct 6 2021

I do feel better

I have less bloating and no noticeable side effects. I have only been using Bio-X for two weeks. Looking forward to a little weight loss.


Oct 6 2021

No more bloat

After just a week or so I have not experienced any more bloating. So far this has been my good luck charm. I’m glad I found this product. And the price is just right it’s affordable. You will find that you can feel better from your gut.


Oct 6 2021

Have more energy

I have more energy. I have been using the product for three weeks. I have lost four pounds. I have not done much exercising. I have cut down on carbs and am eating more fruit and vegetables.


Oct 6 2021

Great results

I’ve been taking the Bio-x4 for about a month now. My digestive issues are so much better. For years, i’ve always had to take a laxative but this has eliminated this almost completely. I have more energy. Sleeping less hours and feeling refreshed. I’m under a tremendous amount of stress at work so that usually leads to stress eating. The Bio-x4 has eliminated any cravings. No desire to snack or binge. I have more energy and desire to do things around the yard, house, & projects at home. I’m very pleased that I’ve had these great results and lost a couple of pounds. Thanks Dr. Lee!


Oct 6 2021

Bio x4 Formula

I have been using this for a month now and the results for such a short period of time have been incredible. I am 40 and since I was 39 have really had to look at ways to assist my diet and workout regime as my body just changed. I have lost weight taking 2 caps 3 x a day. My digestion has massively improved and in turn less bloating . It curbed cravings and hunger pangs as well as giving me increased energy . I am so excited about the rest of my journey. Thank you Amy . Gem x


Oct 5 2021

Time will tell

Taking these tablets has helped me not feel hungry all the time! Additionally, my digestive tract is less distressed. I have not been consistent with taking the tablets (I’m forgetful & lazy) but feel that, with time I could see some weight loss occur.


Oct 5 2021

Good probiotic

I am very happy that Bio-4 works well for me in terms of a probiotic. I take 1 capsule before dinner and no longer feel like I have concrete sitting in my stomach when I try to sleep at night. […]


Oct 5 2021


I have been taking Bio x4 for 2-3 years. I really like the way I feel with it, promoting regular elimination and a gradual weight loss. I am 65yrs old and wt loss is difficult at best but I feel this product is gentle and effective.


Oct 5 2021


After 2 weeks since starting to take BioX4 2 times a day with my meals I find it helps with my digestion and I have less bloating and no side effects.


Oct 5 2021

Overall great for digestion

I’ve been struggling to find a 4 in 1 type product like this that’ll help with digestion and weight loss. I’ve been taking it for roughly about a year and love what it’s doing for me overall. Thank you!


Oct 4 2021

Working Formula for weight loss

I have only used the product for a short time. During the time I am beginning to feel the way the product works. This is easy to use and I think it will be effective. I have used various programs for weight loss but feel this will be the best overall. Anxious to see results In 6 weeks. I am anticipating great results. .


Oct 4 2021

Does a great job overall

I have been taking BIOX4 for many years now. What sold me was getting probiotics, digestive enzymes, green tea benefits and the appetite manager all in 1 product. My digestive health is quite good for my age. Cannot comment on how well it works in the weight loss department, , since I’ve always been thin.


Oct 4 2021

Better Digestion

I have been taking bio-x for about 3 weeks, I have noticed a positive improvement in my digestion system. Absolutely less bloating and gas. THANKS so much


Oct 4 2021

Bio x4

I have been taking Biox4 for about 7-8 years now. […] I noticed that I no longer had my lifelong problem with constipation which never happened unless I took laxatives. Suddenly, I no longer had a problem with constipation. I take one Biox4 3 times a day, breakfast, mid-day, and before bed. Also, the weight that I also struggled with is no longer my main concern as it seems to have leveled out. I recommend it to all my friends.


Oct 4 2021


Thanks for creating this great product BIO-X4. Now I can enjoy golf with out worry about stomach gas. Outstanding product.


Oct 3 2021

helps with appetite control

taken before meals helps control appetite. I like that it is all inclusive, has everything you need in one capsule. Easy to take. Fast delivery Online information about the product and support and information on healthy eating Gives me energy!


Oct 3 2021

After two weeks

Since starting Bio-X4, I have not been having an urge to eat before my next meal. No need for snacks.


Oct 3 2021

Love it!

I have been using Bio X 4 for several years and I can’t imagine stopping. It keeps everything moving smoothly. It works like a charm at home and even helps to smooth out the irregularities of travel. I am happy to recommend it!


Oct 3 2021

Bio X4

I feel really good about the product, it has helped me maintain some loss that I had recently lost. Will order again soon


Oct 3 2021

Bio X4

I had been dieting for 2 weeks before starting Bio X4 when I decided I need a edge to curve cravings. This is my 29th day using Bio X4 and I have been taking it as suggested. […] The food cravings and hunger have gone away making it easier to diet. My energy levels are great, and no more bloating as well. BIO X4 is a wonderful product. I bought 2 bottles to start with so that I could give my body a chance to become familiar to the life style change. Thank you Nucific!


Oct 3 2021


I liked this product, so far my digestion is improving and reduced bloating.


Oct 3 2021

Recommend it to all my friends to use and I biox4 is a product that I will use all the time and get built

I enjoy this product helps me stay clean and healthy on the inside feel great more energy and relaxing and healthy especially when I eat good food


Oct 2 2021

Diminished Cravings & Healthier Choices

I am amazed at how much less I have been eating because this supplement has curbed my appetite. I don’t crave food anymore. I have to remember to eat now. This has helped me slow down, plan what to eat and make healthier choices instead of scoffing down bad food. It seemed my body was telling me that it was starving, not anymore! In the short time I’ve been on this supplement, I feel great. Now I eat without the guilt that follows after eating the wrong food, quickly and too much of it at once. I am truly pleased and encouraged to stay the positive course. Thank you🙏🏾👍🏽


Sep 29 2021

Really Good!

Hi, I have been taking Bio X4 for about 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed some positive changes. My digestion is much better, less gas and bloating and less cravings for sugar. A real game changer for me! Thanks Nucific 🙂


Sep 29 2021


I started taking Nucific Bio about two weeks ago, but have not been taking on a regular basis. Some days I take once and on other days twice. However, I have noticed a change in my metabolism and definitely more energy. I am not craving sugars or fried foods which I can only attribute to Nucific since that is the only lifestyle change I have made.


Sep 29 2021

Early Days

Even after 10days I’ve noticed an improvement in digestion hunger pangs. I look forward to the next few weeks


Sep 27 2021

Works immediately on bloat

I’ve used bio-x4 for years and it’s by far the best probiotic for bloat and digestion!


Sep 27 2021

Reduced sweets

Have been using for about two weeks it definitely has reduced my evening sweet tooth. I have lost two pounds. Hope to get another 8-10 by the time the bottle is empty.


Sep 27 2021

No hungry feeling full for longer

I take the capsule with 2glasses of water and eat less volume,and I feel very full for longer,I also gave a bottle to a Friend to try to compare with her


Sep 26 2021

Feel slimmer

I have only used 1 capsule per day for about month; I have lost 5 lbs, feel slimmer, and I do not feel hungry but satisfied with smaller meals; I do crave more veges and Mediterranean style food, plus I eat couple pieces dark chocolate 70-85% each day; Overall, I feel good inside!


Sep 26 2021


I have lost approx 3 lbs the last three weeks. I do not eat as much at each meal time.


Sep 25 2021

Bio X4 in my life.

Good so far! I am taking 2 pills per day with my main meals. I think it is helping with digestion, but too early to be sure of anything else. I will continue with the program and see where it takes me. […]


Sep 25 2021


Bio-X4 seems to help me keep extra weight off, and not to overload my dinner plate! It does curb my appetite and also helps with having more regular bowel movements. But it is important to take regularily and get phsyical exercise also!


Sep 25 2021

I feel do much better

It really helps my digestion keeps me more regular so that I just feel better. Great product.


Sep 24 2021


It’s only 3 weeks so hard to give fair review but my eating has become much easier to control.


Sep 22 2021

Decreased food cravings.

I purchased one bottle of the Bio-x4 because I’ve purchase so Many things in the past that did not work for me. I don’t like to take pills/capsules. This Bio-x4 has decreased my cravings and I’ve lost about 5lbs in less than a month, it also has helped with my digestion. I will be ordering more bottles of the Bio-x4 in the near future.


Sep 21 2021

Bio - X4

I have been using this product for a short time. I was looking for something that would help with digestive issues. I am beginning to see a positive change with in digestion, heartburn….also I feel more energetic and have healthy bowel movements. I find I am less hungry and have fewer cravings. I plan on continuing to use this product to see if these health benefits continue.


Sep 21 2021

Great product

Your products really works. I like your product because there are no side effects. It works to eliminate cravings making it easier to eat healthier.


Apr 27 2021

WORKS great!


It has been the best digestive product I’ve bought in my life. […]*


Apr 11 2021



My husband and I have been on it for a little over a month. We got rid of the high fructose foods. We are eating better and guess what? my husband lost five pounds and wow! couldn’t believe it. I, a senior, lost 13 pounds. We just got started. Thanks Amy Lee!*


Mar 26 2021



I have to say I was skeptical, I watched a video I found while on instagram and said “why not” and I have never been so amazed by anything before. It is literally the best thing i’ve ever tried. After the first week, I just didn’t want to eat bad foods anymore and didn’t know why. Almost been a month […] I literally tell everyone I know having weight problems to try it. So thank you for this amazing product, you’ll want to get it monthly trust me(:*


Mar 24 2021

It actually works!!!


I saw instant results when I started taking the pills. All my carvings stopped […] And 30 min twice or once a week for a jog definitely helped with my weight loss. So I highly recommend this product!!!*


Feb 8 2021

Amazing Results... and quickly!


Not one to subscribe to just any weight loss program, I did some research and decided to give Bio-X4 a shot. Bio-X4 is the only product I’ve ever tried that actually works! I dropped weight with minimal changes to diet and zero exercise! The only drawback was I had to go buy some new skinny jeans ’cause the old ones were literally falling off – Justine*


Nov 17 2020

Lost weight!


[…] It helped me curve cravings, slim my waist line and got rid of my bloating and discomfort. I got more active, and had more energy. I also began to care more about what I ate, and how much. This stuff works, and I will continue to purchase more!*


Nov 13 2020

LOVE this Product!


I can’t say enough about this product! I read the reviews before I purchased and gave it a try. I didn’t know what to expect. It has been such a positive contribution to my everyday wellbeing and diet. First, I’d like to start off and tell you that I was having digestive issues for years. […]The probiotic in this product along with a digestive enzyme has really helped put all theses symptoms to rest. Secondly, the craving blocker has worked amazingly well for me too! I used to eat a lot more sugar. I love it, as most do, but it was hurting my weight loss progress. I noticed a BIG difference in my cravings since taking this product. I no longer wanted to eat sugar and if I had a little, I didn’t feel out of control. Third, the appetite suppressant is real. I have noticed that I eat less and I didn’t really have to try too hard to do so. I realize that everyone is different and results may be different for everyone, but if you take this product consistently, eat a healthy diet and exercise, you will see and feel the results. After taking this product for about five months, I have lost about 6-7 pounds, have no more bloating, gas or constipation and I have more energy.*


Oct 28 2020

Nucific BioX4


These product seems to be helping me maintain my weight. I have been taking it for six months now.*


Sep 19 2020

Great product.


I am so pleased with how this product actually WORKS! […] I was inspired by Dr. Amy’s video, and she really came through with this product! Thank you so much, I was in misery for years, & this product has helped very much!*


Feb 24 2020

It's Amazing


I have been taking this since early January because of the inspirational video that I saw Dr. Amy deliver – and I have been feeling great […] I have also been eating cleaner and exercising, but I honestly don’t think I could have done it without this product and also in conjunction with their probiotic. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get my life back.*


Feb 4 2020

Beat your cravings!


I love this product. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I love this because it cures my cravings between meals and my food digests so much easier. I feel better than ever and would highly recommend this to everyone!*


Feb 1 2020

Great product