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bio x4 reviews


I cannot say enough good about this probiotic. It’s basically saved my life. Or the constipation I dealt with for years from taking opioids. I tried every medication they made and none of them worked. But when I started taking a bio X4, it immediately helped me and so far has continued to help me. I am on my third bottle. My only hope is that it continues to work as well as it does. 


Feb 17 2023

Better Digestion, No More Nasal Issues

I’ve been on the formula for several months. Sometimes I forget to take it before meals but I still am experiencing better health. No more post-nasal drip, which I had for six years, and I have fewer cravings for refined carbohydrates. I’ve lost about 8 pounds even though I didn’t take it for that reason.

Oct 13 2022

Excellent If You Stick With It!

I’ve been using Bio X for 3 years now. It immediately lowered cravings for bread and sweets. After adopting a mostly vegan diet I’ve lost 30 pounds over 3 years. Swimming three times a week has also helped! Thanks, Dr. Lee for this fantastic product. I’m 67 and retired having more time now to devote to my health and wellness. I take it 3x day.

Sep 12 2022

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Jun 8 2024

Fix your gut

I have been taking Bio-X4 for several years now. However the first year I didn’t pay much attention to the instructions and took only one each day as a probiotic. I didn’t notice a lot of benefits, so I wasn’t conscientious about taking it. However a few months ago, I watched a video by Dr. Lee, where she explained the benefits of the various ingredients in Bio-X4, and how they work. Then I realized for the first time that I should be taking it several times a day, and particularly before meals, to get ALL of the benefits. Not only is my appetite under control, but my digestion is much improved; heartburn is all but gone. More importantly, I have become very regular and healthy.


Jun 5 2024

The best yet

I’ve try a few products in the pass without progress. But this BioX4 works for me. My goal has been reached two weeks in advance. My Journaling my extra energy and definitely my decreasing my junk food craving has helped a lot. Thanks for asking. Yvonne 😍


May 31 2024

Blown Away!

For the first time in my life, since I can remember, I am able to walk through a supermarket and not have any cravings for sugar or salt or junk food! It is so liberating! And I feel great! All I crave are healthy foods and snacks like nuts and carrots and hummus. I have a lot more energy, mental clarity, and my mood has been a lot more positive. I have noticed some weight loss; clothes fit better, but the rest of the changes are phenomenal. I know I am on my way!


May 29 2024


I have more energy and feel more energetic throughout the day. It also suppresses my appetite and helps with cravings.


May 23 2024

I feel great!

The weight is coming off, my cravings are gone, gas is reduced by 80% and I’m loving it! Another month like this and I will be ready for the beach!


May 18 2024


I have been meaning to send you an email commenting on how well I’m doing. I have had diarrhea for almost 15 years now and I have gone to many many doctors. With no results from all these many doctors, I saw your ad on my phone as the poop doctor. And read your article on my phone so I thought well I’ll try it. I ordered three bottles and I have been taking one pill every morning since April 4 of this year. I have to tell you that it has regulated me. I am almost diarrhea free. I have a nice soft bowel movement first thing in the morning. And so far most of my days are diarrhea free. Thanks 🙏


May 15 2024

Awesome Product!!!


This product is astounding. I feel better digestion when taking it and more energetic during the week. This amazing product has helped my grandson as well with his digestion. Customer for life.


May 15 2024

Works as advertised !!!

I’ve been taking Bio X4 for a month. Energy level is definitely higher, sugar cravings is all but gone, and i’ve lost close to 10lbs. Nucific Bio X4 really works !!!


May 8 2024


This product made a difference, I really noticed after taking it and losing weight, then taking a break to now seeing and feel the difference. Now re-ordering. Great Product


May 5 2024

Feeling better with Bio X4


I have been taking Bio X4 for almost a month and I have noticed I’m finally slimming down when nothing else was working so I’m definitely rendering


Apr 29 2024

Nucific bio-x4

I feel a bit better less hunger between meals, but haven’t lose any weight


Apr 26 2024



I have been taking Bio-X4 for about 3 weeks. I have noticed better digestion and less cravings for food. I also have noticed I look slimmer in the belly area. I have ordered another 30 day supply as I am anxious to see how much more this will help me!


Apr 26 2024

Nucific BIO - X4

I am pleased that I have given BIO-X4 a try. It has helped in my weight loss goals, as well as curbing my appetite. I don’t seem to have as many digestive issues as once before and will definitely be purchasing more once my initial 3 month supply runs low.


Apr 26 2024

I lost 13 pounds in a month


This product changed me for the better. Not just because of the weight loss. But I had wayyy less bloating and I knew my digestive system was working more efficiently because I was finally eliminating regularly. I also increased my physical activity, drank plenty of water and made more nutritious food choices while taking this supplement! It was a holistic approach and it all worked great!


Apr 23 2024

Effective Product

I really enjoy the BIO-X4. It help me with my bloadding after eating. I enjoy even more eating right with this product ; the probiotic in it is effective to an high degree.


Apr 22 2024

Nucific Bio X-4

My wife and I have been taking one before each meal. The changes I have seen and felt are better digestion, less bloating and stomach discomfort, more energy, and it seems to have improved waste elimination.


Apr 21 2024


Excellent help with cravings and nice metabolic response. I have become a gut microbiome believer thanks to Dr Lee.


Apr 19 2024

Feeling great!!

After taking the BIO-X4 for only a few days, my appetite was better controlled and I had more energy than I had for a while. I doubted that the change was from this supplement so I stopped taking it for a few days. The result—I was back to feeling sluggish and hungry again. This definitely works! Thank you!


Apr 16 2024

Excellent results

I had a doctor prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic. It devistated my microbiome. I’ve tried for several years to find a probiotic to help fix the problem, or at least improve my gut. Most over the counter products actually made my gut worse, resulting in massive bloating and flatulence. X4 is the best thing I have found to date, to help re-regulate my gut. My stools have returned to some semblance of normal, while flatulence and bloating have been reduced noticeably! The bacteria strains have helped far more than the other products I have tried!


Apr 15 2024

Nucleic bio-x4

It seems to be working for me, but I have to take to casually per meal. They are cutting down my bloating and I am still losing weight with the nucific bio-x4, I’m going to have to order some more soon! I love what the product is doing for me


Apr 15 2024

Feeling great!!


After taking the BIO-X4 for only a few days, my appetite was better controlled and I had more energy than I had for a while. I doubted that the change was from this supplement so I stopped taking it for a few days. The result—I was back to feeling sluggish and hungry again. This definitely works! Thank you!


Apr 12 2024



Consistency is key . After the second week I noticed I wasn’t craving junk and my stomach I less bloated !! I love this products


Apr 11 2024

Working slowly

It seems to be working slowly but the results are there


Apr 10 2024

Happy to be Using BIO-X4


I am very pleased that I chose to give BIO-X4 a try. I can clearly feel an improvement both in curbed food cravings and reduced appetite. I am finally progressing in my long weight-loss attempts (of a lifetime) and actually am seeing very good results since I started on this supplement. Thank you for this wonderful product.


Apr 9 2024

Happy to be Using BIO-X4

I am very pleased that I chose to give BIO-X4 a try. I can clearly feel an improvement both in curbed food cravings and reduced appetite. I am finally progressing in my long weight-loss attempts (of a lifetime) and actually am seeing very good results since I started on this supplement. Thank you for this wonderful product.


Apr 7 2024

It works!

Read the emails, saw the videos and thought, “why not”. The main reason for taking this was to see improvement with bowel movements and digestion overall. Finished my first bottle and I can say, I’m a happy customer! I must say the increase in energy was also a nice side effect. As for weight loss, there’s none yet but I haven’t tried. The main factor for taking this was gut health improvement and I think this does the job!


Apr 7 2024

Bio x4

Since I started taking Bio x4 , after about two weeks I’ve started feeling better, not so bloated. It is helping me curb my appetite also. I’m taking it along with the vshred diet plan. I’ve now lost about 5 lbs. it feels good to be finally losing some weight.


Mar 24 2024


They say that slow and steady wins the race and that best describes this supplement. I have not changed my eating habits at all but have lost about 4 pounds in the last couple of months. That does not sound like a lot to you. Well, it is if you have not changed your eating habits. Also, I do not have a lot of weight to lose but I sure do not want to gain any either. The best thing that I have noticed is I do not get hungry and start craving unhealthy snacks. That in itself would lead to losing weight especially if you are an emotional eater and/or you have a lot of weight to lose. It could do wonders to help you. I say try it and see what it can do for you.


Mar 20 2024

happier guts

Although I have yet to lose weight, my digestive system is definitely happier. I’m sure if I continue to use it, weight loss will follow. just for how my system feels, I am looking forward to getting another bottle to keep things going.


Mar 19 2024

My BIO-X4 Progress So Far


I just finished my first bottle of BIO-X4. When I began taking them, I first had to get my sequence of when and how many I take adjusted and aligned with my eating habits. I received an email from Amy Lee sharing best tips for taking BIO-X4 and that really helped me. Well, I had already begun noticing more energy, which was great. One Saturday afternoon I was changing the linens on my bed, and I stopped to consider how I might want to rearrange the room. I stood there with my hand on my waist and suddenly I noticed for the first time, I had an indentation where my waist was supposed to be. I got so excited!!! OMG I had recovered my waistline, there was a definite dent there where my hand could rest comfortably. Yesssssss. Since then I’ve only weighed myself once, and I have lost about 5 or 6 pounds. I am working on incorporating more activity into my day, as my daily job is at a desk for 8 hours. I know as I make these changes more weight will come off. Also, I find that I’m only eating when I’m hungry. A co-worker asked me what I was doing differently. I told her and sent her a picture of my BIO-X4 bottle that I keep in my desk at work. Thank you for this formula and all of your hard work putting it together. I’m excited to keep going for more results.

What Nucific Customers Are Saying About Bio X4

Learn More About Bio X4

How Does Bio X4 Work?†*
Bio X4 takes a 4-pronged approach to digestive health. Every capsule is packed with potent, science-backed ingredients to help balance your digestive system, supercharge your metabolism, curb unhealthy food cravings, and help you absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently. The result is a lighter feeling body, easier weight management and renewed energy levels to help you enjoy every minute of the day.* Bio X4 is able to get these results due to revolutionary, science-backed ingredients.

  • A digestive enzyme blend eases digestion and supports nutrient absorption.1†*
  • Caralluma Fimbriata may help curb unhealthy cravings to help you slim down.2†*
  • Green tea extract (EGCG) may help supercharge your metabolism.3†*
  • Potent probiotics help balance gut bacteria to potentially ease digestive issues.4†*

Together, these 4 blends give your body what it needs for smoother digestion, enhanced all-day energy, and advanced slimming support.

What Are Bio X4 Ingredients?
Bio X4 contains:

  • Caralluma Fimbriata, which has been found to help fight unhealthy cravings†*
  • Green tea extract (EGCG), a compound found in green tea, to help boost your metabolism†*
  • A unique probiotic formula that contains five potent probiotic strains†*
  • 3 key digestive enzymes — amylase, lipase, and bromelain†*

Here’s a complete ingredient list:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Bifidobacterium animalis
  • Amylase
  • Bromelain
  • Lipase
  • Green tea extract (50% EGCG)
  • Slimaluma TM5
Does Bio X4 Help Support Weight Loss?
Yes, taking care of your digestive system with Bio X4 may help support effective weight loss. As you likely know, one of the biggest threats to successful weight loss is intense food cravings that can make you reach for unhealthy foods. Every capsule of Bio X4 includes a “cravings-blocker” called Caralluma Fimbriata — which has been found to help ease junk food cravings and help you feel satiated.6†* Add to that the effects of EGCG, a natural compound found in green tea that boosts metabolism and may help your body burn more fat. With your metabolism revved up and your unhealthy food cravings under control, the weight loss results that have eluded you for years may finally be right around the corner.*
Does Bio X4 Come With A Guarantee?
To offer you peace of mind, every order of Bio X4 is protected by a 90-Day Guarantee. This gives you a full 3 months to feel the effects of this powerful supplement. If you’re not thrilled with your results, you can send the bottles back (even if they’re empty) for a refund of the entire purchase price. The bottom line is — your satisfaction is our #1 priority. And if you’re not thrilled with your results, we don’t want you to pay. Simple as that.
Where Can I Buy Bio-X4?

Every Nucific formula, including Nucific Bio X4, is only available on the Nucific website: This ensures that every purchase you make is 100% authentic and backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee. On our website, you’ll also find educational resources about the revolutionary formulas and the support you need to find supplements that can help you feel your best. You can also check out Nucific reviews on each of our products. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.