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Bio-X4 Reviews

Find out why people love Nucific Bio-X4! Below are real customer reviews of Bio-X4. Click to read all Nucific reviews.

Bio-X4 Customer Reviews


Jan 20 2022

No "APP" Diet

The title is a little play on a well-used term—app. But in this case, it means appetite. I decided to go more vegetarian than I have been. Sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, leafy greens, onions, garlic all at once! And Bio-4x to start it with. And now I don’t crave anything. Also losing weight and loving it.


Jan 20 2022

Feeling Better and Losing weight

Since I began using your product , Nucific Bio X4, I have found myself eating far less and having to leave food on my plate as I’m feeling fuller much quicker than before. I have lost almost 14 pounds in the past 3 weeks and energy levels are much better also. Thanx and will hopefully reach my target weight by March …


Jan 19 2022

Heathy eating clears the mind

I enjoy the daily progress of not having the desires of craving for snacks. Even better, it’s the time of the year I do my Daniel Fast. So I’m eating vegetables, fruits and nuts and see the Lbs. dropping daily. Thanks Amy!


Jan 17 2022

Efficient Digestive System

My wife and I are very impressed with this Nucific product. We both felt a difference in our bodies within the first week. My wife no longer is bothered by constipation. We both feel more energy and less bloating after a meal.


Jan 17 2022

better digestion

I have noticed a huge difference in my digestion in the last 6 months. I did try a different supplement for 3 weeks. Did help like this one at all. No bloating or stomach swelling and I am not as sensitive to some of my favorite foods.


Jan 16 2022

Trust well placed

I’ll open as saying I’m a skeptical, but seeing Dr. Amy Lee put her name on her product, I decided to try it for science’s sake at least. I’m happy to say I’m impressed so far. I’m on week 5, I feel better, higher energy throughout the days and weeks. Tummy issues solved. I’ve checked out the ingredients and it all seems backed by research and trials and results. I could get a similar effect for two separate third party products for a magical savings, but I love the convenience of one pill with a meal. Plus why short change the person who showed me the way out of sugar addiction? Peace folks


Jan 14 2022

Nucific Biox4

It has diminished my cravings for food. Less bloating, I feel like in time I will start losing weight. I am pleased with the product so far.


Jan 14 2022

Great product

Have been using for over a month and the results have been amazing! I find that I am able to eat certain foods that used to cause gi upset with ease. It’s been a game changer to help me get in more vegetables. So happy I’ve found this product!


Jan 14 2022

Bottle of capsules!!!

Your Product has helped me become more regular and Greatly assisting with controlling my sugar levels… Thank you Doc. Lee for for this item!!


Jan 14 2022


I have noticed such a difference since I started taking Bio-X4. I can once again enjoy all the foods I love, broccoli, black beans, Brussel sprouts, kale, greens. As I got older I just couldn’t eat these foods without such discomfort from bloating and gas that it just wasn’t worth it. I am so happy to have found Nucific Bio-X4 and be back to eating my yummy healthy foods again without any discomfort. Thank you Dr Amy.


Jan 13 2022



Great product. Very healthy, easy and helps me loose weight


Jan 13 2022

Great Product

As many have put it. I go to the bathroom regularly now. I don’t feel bloated. I like to see long term affects as I continue to use. Thank you for this product.


Jan 13 2022

Bio x 4

This is week 5 for me. Overall I feel like I’m looking better. Less bloated and “puffy” looking. I ordered enough for 6 months and hoping to lose more belly fat looking forward to seeing a better me 🙂


Jan 12 2022

5 stars so far

I have noticed a huge difference in my digestion. No bloating or stomach swelling and I am not as sensitive to some of my favorite foods. Bathroom habits have become regular and I am not experiencing as many food cravings. So far I am feeling so much better. Thank you


Jan 12 2022



After a year of feeling totally unhappy with my body, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again. The only thing I can really attribute this too is the Bio X4. I’ve tried many things over the past year to battle the bulge. After taking 1 bottle of Bio X4. I’m finally at peace with what I see in the mirror.


Jan 11 2022


I feel much better a week after taking it daily


Jan 8 2022

Amazing Product!


Within a week of taking Bio XT4, my tummy feels so much better! I was skeptical at first but read all of the amazing reviews and I was sold. I’ve always struggled going potty and with bloating and my stomach feels amazing and so much flatter just because it doesn’t have so much bad stuff going on. I can go to the bathroom, I have more energy, my mood is better, I’m motivated and at peace with myself after struggling with low confidence! Within a week I already feel back to my old self. I didn’t purchase to lose weight but to be healthier and to feel better! Looking better when I look in the mirror has already been a perk to this product. I’m not inflamed and I’m not swollen and I’m just so happy. Thank you!


Jan 7 2022


I’ve only started using Bio-X4 Monday 3 January 2022. So far, I’ve notice that I’m not as bloated. I can feel that my digestion is settling down (more regular). The Bio-X4 supplement is taken at the same time as the regular intake of vitamin C (1000mg), Omega-3 (1000mg, Garlic (2750mcg of Allicine), 3X daily and 1 capsule of CoQ10 daily(120mg). So far, so good.


Jan 6 2022

Bio X-4

This is a great product since I been using bio x-4 I noticed a drop in weight and a boost in my energy levels. It helps me manage food cravings I once had overall it’s an excellent choice.


Jan 5 2022

Great product, consistent results!!


I believe that good health starts with healthy digestion. All the processed food & its dangerous effects on our health is really scary. That’s why I initially tried this product. I’ve been taking it for over 5 years now. I don’t feel like binging & snacking. I physically feel so much better. I’ve always struggled with stomach issues. Now my stomach lays flat & isn’t bloated or constantly upset. I go to the bathroom regularly and have so much more energy.


Dec 30 2021

A good product

Bio-4 helps me digest my meals. Before each meal, I take a probiotic and a digestive enzyme such as BIO-4. I rotate the different varieties so my stomach won’t get used to a supplement. I take BIO-4 at least once a day. Fewer bathroom trips for me.


Dec 29 2021

Good results thus far

I find that after Christmas and all the food we have been served and all the sweets that were in our stockings I felt I had gained at least 4 lbs. but to my surprise I am loosing weight and feel good. I usually am able to empty my bowels once a day but I am able to have several a day and it has stopped my gassiness. I don’t feel bloated either. I’m pleased thus far.


Dec 27 2021

High Quality Product Bio-X4

Bio-X4 is a product of the utmost highest quality! It has helped me immensely in my digestive system as well as enhancing my energy level. I feel great full of energy and being more productive in all areas of my life: body, mind and soul! I highly recommend this product that provides healing to every system of the human body.


Dec 24 2021

Great Results

I have been into Nucific for less than a month so far but I already feel great results because I found that it lessen my appetite to eat and my tummy feels great, I mean been using probiotics other brand but did not work good as what I am having right now…I used to have LBM before but now my poops are better than before, they are not runny anymore… so far I lose 2 lbs now so if I keep going taking it, I would lose more. Thank you so much Nucific…will update you as I used it longer…for more great results.


Dec 23 2021


It took about a month but I definitely feel less hungry, eat smaller portions and feel less bloated. I will continue to use to see what month two has in store for my journey.


Dec 23 2021

Getting results

I’m taking this product in conjunction with the probiotics and am experiencing a happier digestive system. There hasn’t been a noticeable weight loss, but it is still early on. I’m noticing a reduction in desire for snacks between meals.


Dec 23 2021

Luv the results!

I’ve been on Nucific probiotics for a month now. It did take a month to notice results, but they’re definitely noticeable now!! It has MAJORLY curved my appetite, I’m eating half the amount of food & feel more than satisfied. I go to the gym daily and the scale wasn’t moving, since I started the probiotics I’m down 6lbs! I’m so glad I found this probiotic. 🙂


Dec 22 2021

Bio X4

We have been using this product for a month and really like the results. The results are noticeable in our waist line and how we feel on general. Just great results so far. Ordering again Today.


Dec 21 2021

Love it!

I didn’t get this for weight loss but would be happy if it worked there too lol. I bought it cause I was at my wits end on what to do with my stomach. I’ve tried several and I mean several probiotics over the years but all of them didn’t have enough benefit to continue. I tried Bio-x4 not really expecting it to work BUT it’s been 4 months and so far my bowels are working lots better. I’ve never been regular, part of my problem, but in the least 2-3 months I’ve been pretty regular. Stomach bloat, cramping, and pain are almost gone for the first time in years!!! I sure hope this stays available!!


Dec 21 2021

surprise delight


In the last month I have seem my cravings for sugar or any simple carbs diminish completely. Additionally, my joy found in trying the recipe suggestions and creating daily healthy foods has truly added to my pleasure in life. I have steadily dropped weight, bloat, and improved my digestion. My energy is more stabile throughout the entire day than I could have imagined. I am thrilled. I am eager to make this my lifestyle over the coming months. Thank you…


Dec 20 2021

Super product


It’s awesome, never seen something like it. It kicked in so fast. 3 weeks in and I was already fitting into my clothes that I set aside since I couldn’t fit in it. Recommend it 100%.


Dec 20 2021

Excellent results

I started using Bio- X to control my cravings and reduce my weight. I can say my cravings for junk has diminished. I am taking the product once a day but would probably see greater results if taken as instructed. I am happy with the product and will be purchasing more.


Dec 18 2021

I Like This Product A Lot

I was impressed with the information about Bio-X4 and wanted to give it a try. IT WORKS! I take a tablet before I eat and man, does it work! I feel better. My stomach feels better. I like what it does to my overall well being. Not only that, I feel a commitment to stay with Bio-X4 simply because it works.


Dec 18 2021

Wonderful helpful product

I choose to buy this product because I listed to the information about what was in this product and how it could be helpful to me. I have had stomach pain on and off since I was a child. No real problems but usually my stomach hurt after eating. I’ve read about how this could be a problem with how my body was digesting and using food. I also have gained a small amount of weight over the years which was adding discomfort around my middle. Since I have been taking these pills with my meals my stomach pain has stopped. I also have more regular bathroom trips and have actually lost some weight. I feel lighter and I believe this is due to these pills aiding with digestion.


Dec 18 2021


I observed that my mood is better. Also, hot flashes are getting lower in intensity. The sugar craving is less, so overall I am doing much better.


Dec 18 2021

Great product

I purchased this because I use a probiotic daily. I wasn’t getting the result I needed to maintain normal gut health. I noticed a huge difference in the overall health of my gut as well as more energy as a result. This product offers just the right amount of natural ingredients to achieve optimal gut health.


Dec 17 2021

Disappearing David

My wife and I decided to try your product after watching one of your videos.For her not weight loss but staying regular with digestive issues, and my self losing a gut.Well after 6 weeks of three times a day she feels great and off fiber products. Myself the first week the energy level went way up with no more fatigue after a days work. We are both eating way better than ever, and for my gut it’s disappearing.We don’t weigh ourselves we have a mirror that doesn’t lie!! Your product seems to work very well with suppressing hunger. Overall very pleased with your product and looking forward to future results.


Dec 17 2021

Feeling improvement

Since taking Biox4, I have found that my gut is feeling a lot better. I was a little gassier at first, but overall my stomach issues started to settle. Cravings did ease and I seem to be slimming down a little. But it’s nice to not feel crook in the gut most of the time.


Dec 16 2021

Feeling better

This product has helped me feel better, curbs my hunger, and makes my digestion work more efficiently! Plus I have lost a few pounds without any hunger!!


Dec 14 2021

Getting results

I am not exercising and I have lost four pounds. I am not as hungry,and my energy is good. My metabolism is working. I feel that their is potential to loose more weight.


Dec 14 2021

The Journey

Well I’ve been taking Bio X4 now for a month. Bowel movements have tremendously improved, bloating has decreased considerably, the weight loss however hasn’t changed. Let’s see what the next months hold. Great product though!


Dec 12 2021

Bio - x4

I have only just started using Bio – X4 and have started to feel better and my digestion is much better. I am less inflamed and less bloated. I feel much more comfortable and have been very regular.


Dec 11 2021

Happy with this product

I have been using this product for 2 months. I have not yet lost all the weight I want to lose but am feeling better and my sugar cravings are down. I am eating clean and that feels good. So I will keep it up! I plan to continue this product until I achieve the desired results. I am enjoying the healthy foods I am eating.


Dec 9 2021

Weight Loss Journey

I’ve been taking Bio-x4 for a couple of weeks now and can tell the difference in regular bowel movements for sure. It does take away the bloating and sluggish feeling. I’m going to give it to my daughter because she has intestinal issues and constipation. I will let you know how it works for her. Overall, it’s doing the job!!


Dec 8 2021

It Works


I have used this product for two reasons: 1: I needed to control my yearing for sugar! 2: I like and need the Proboicts.


Dec 8 2021

A Good Start

I have been taking BIO-X4 for almost 3 weeks now. My positives are: less bloating, less food cravings, more regular bowel movements […] I am encouraged to do better by consistently taking the products 30 minutes before a meal. My wife says my skin looks better too. As I do better, I am looking for more weight loss and losing inches. We’re off to a good start.


Dec 7 2021


I have been taking the Bio–x4 with meals for about three and a half weeks. Only weighed myself once since but noted less bloating. Dr. Lee’s tips have been helpful. More exercise would speed up my weight lose but not ready for that increase just yet. I’m feeling more energetic and mentally alert now. Anticipation for improvement over next two months.


Dec 7 2021

My far

I’ve been taking BioX4 for 5 weeks […] my stomach isn’t bloated anymore. Even with all my holiday baking I’ve been been more successful at maintaining my weight loss and after the holidays I hope to lose even more.


Dec 1 2021



I have been taking Bio-X4 for a couple of months. I have lost about 7 lbs so far. I have regular bowl movements, the bloat is gone. I feel much better.


Nov 30 2021

I have been using for about 3 weeks now

I have been using for about 3 weeks now and Taking it with my meals. I get full faster and I eat Less. I look Forward to seeing more results in The next month.


Nov 25 2021


I have been using this product for about three weeks now with my meals. My stomach feels fuller during and in-between my meals. I seem to have less cravings for extra food. I am happy with the NUCIFIC Bio-X4!


Nov 24 2021

A Must Try


As a physician in weight management, I wanted to try this product for myself, as we emphasize the need to look for quality products for our patients with a focus on gut balance. I too am victim of the Standard American Diet, and have food hypersensitivities and leaky gut. I have used this product for three weeks and have already experienced reduction in bloating and headaches, with improved bowel quality and frequency. Worth a try!


Nov 23 2021

Bio X4-in-1


I have only been taking the Bio X4 + probiotic complex for 2 weeks. I have noticed I am less gassy than I have been. I just need to remember to take them before all meals. Here’s to better results to come.


Nov 23 2021

My journey

I have been battling stomach fat for a long time. I started taking Nucific a few weeks ago and i an down a size in my pants already. Cant wait to see the changes going forward. Thank you.


Nov 23 2021

Noticeable difference


I’ve been using Bio-X for less than a month. The biggest reason I am trying the supplement is because I have been experiencing gas, bloating and almost chronic diarrhea after eating. I have been reading/hearing a lot about gut health and decided to start with that. Along with cutting out coffee and reducing bread in my diet, adding Bio-X has already eliminated the diarrhea and reduced bloating. Happy so far!


Nov 22 2021

Feel great

Feel great so far definitely will continue to use. More energy and less bloating have lost a few pounds and inches very happy


Nov 22 2021

Feeling good

Since learning about and trying Bio x4, I have experienced better digestion and in addition to helping me slim down. I also have felt less hungry during the day. I look forward to taking my regularly scheduled dose. I highly recommend to those serious about improving their health.


Nov 22 2021

It works!

I’ll admit that I was skeptical if it would actually work. It does! The first thing I noticed was a general feeling of having a stomach that was calm instead of upset or bloated. Then I noticed that I would wake up in the morning with energy, and that hadn’t happened in a long time!


Nov 22 2021

Love it


I having been using BioX4 for almost a month now. Less bloating, more engery. I have even used the Nucific Plan and made many of those recipes, delicious and filling. Great product have recommended it to many of my friends, can say this is the first product that has worked and shown results so quickly. […] Thanks Dr. Amy.


Nov 22 2021

Feeling younger

Ok well I have got to say I feel better than I did in my 40’s, I am now mid fifties. I have more energy and less bloated, my skin is starting to look better and I feel more carefree. No weight loss as yet, but that is something I’m sure will happen as I have noticed less snacking and craving for sweets. Thank you Dr. Lee.


Nov 22 2021



What can I say? It works for me within a week. Love it. I have been telling my friends. Very rarely a product works as advertised. This one does. Thanks


Nov 22 2021

Feel so much better

I no longer feel bloated, helped curb my appetite..lost weight!


Nov 21 2021

Bio x4

Since I’ve been using bio X4 for a few weeks I have noticed an increase in energy and a calmer go with the flow mood I am less hungry as far as my appetite goes and I haven’t noticed a loss in weight but I have noticed a loss in inches and that might be because I’m walking a lot further than I used to on a daily basis.


Nov 20 2021


Hi I have been using your product for just 1 week. During this time I have noticed easier movements, less bloating, more energy and I am tending not to put things off because of feeling exhausted all the time. My cravings for sweet things has decreased also. I cannot wait to see further improvements. FINALLY I HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO. Thank you


Nov 20 2021

Love this product

I have been taking Nucific Bio-X4 for about a month one capsule with each meal and am very pleased with the results. I have less sugar cravings, find myself eating less, feel thinner already and the Best part is what it has done to my elimination; every morning like clockwork. I plan to continue to take this product forever. Patrice L


Nov 19 2021

Starting to see a few changes!

I have just started week 2 of the Bio-4. I have noticed my craving for sweets isn’t like it was. I am not as bloated! So I will continue on and I am hoping to see some weight loss in the coming weeks.


Nov 19 2021


After one month, I have lost 2 lbs, but I must admit I often don’t get my lunch pill due to work. I have tried several of the recipes and enjoyed them immensely. My cravings are down and my energy is up! I even bought new makeup and have a new hairstyle for my new outlook on life.


Nov 19 2021


After about 2 weeks I have more energy and do not feel bloated. I also have seen a decrease in my craving for sweets and I FEEL lighter! Looking forward to seeing more progress…


Nov 18 2021

Steady and consistantly good!

I have been using the product for about 3 weeks now and definitely feel lees hungry and less sugar cravings. Bathroom performance in the beginning was greatly affected, this last week seems to have tapered off. Could be because I am just not eating as much food these day. Also noticed more consistant energy all day long.


Nov 18 2021

Improved mood


Been taking about 3 weeks. No weight loss but realized my mood was better (which is a decided benefit as I have a stressful job). Also noticed the usual mid-afternoon slump is gone.


Nov 17 2021

Much Better

My husband and I both have been taking the supplements for about 3 weeks. I’ve noticed my sugar cravings have diminished and I’m not as hungry all the time. He is having an easier time in the bathroom, so those alone are a win for us. We are also hoping to loose a little weight along the way as well.


Nov 17 2021

Slow and steady progress

Normally I don’t like taking capsules, but I haven’t had any problems swallowing these. I like that you don’t use artificial coloring on your capsules. The journaling has been helpful to keep me accountable to myself. I don’t weigh myself ever day, but I did lose 1 pound after 12 days. Slow and steady progress…thank you for the help.


Nov 17 2021

Great Stuff!

I noticed just 2days after taking BIO-X4 I haven’t felt as bloated, had more energy and the swelling in my ankles has gone away completely. The swelling returned just 3 days after I finished my first bottle, I will definitely be ordering more.


Nov 17 2021

Less Cravings

I have been taking BIO X4 for three weeks and I have noticed less cravings especially for sweets. I am sleeping better and have lost a few pounds along with exercise.


Nov 16 2021

excellent results

My wife, son and I have been using bio-x4 for three weeks now. Haven’t always managed the 3x per day, but nonetheless all three of us are experiencing results like no other supplement we have tried. We are eating less, feeling more satisfied with what we eat, eating healthier and starting to feel less bloated and more energetic. I really cannot stress the difference and will definitely be reordering and making this a part of our routine.


Nov 16 2021

The best thing ever!!!

Since I’ve been taking Bio-X4 I’ve had more energy, been sleeping better, I haven’t had any cravings for my usual snacks (i.e. cookies, candy or chips). I’ve just been feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. I really don’t remember ever feeling like this. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child. I’m soo glad I bought this product and will definitely continue to use it. I’m very happy with how I’m feeling taking it for this short period of time and I’m looking forward to how I’m going to feel with continued use. Thank you Dr. Lee for this product.


Nov 16 2021

Very Positive Results

I have a lot less cravings and i feel i have more energy and i have been using your product in cunjunction with my diet and have lost 2-3 pounds per week for the last 4 weeks.


Nov 16 2021

Feeling terrific!

So far I have had wonderful results from the Bio X4. It took about 4 days for me to become regular. I’ve struggled with constipation for years and this product is helping wonderfully. I have also lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m also not craving sugar anymore. I bought 2 months work and will continue with this prebiotic.


Nov 16 2021

client of bio-x4

I have been taking Bio-x4 for a month now, and it has helped me stop my cravings for sweets. I hope to continue taking Bio-x4 to see more improvement. I do think if I couple it with the healthy eating recipes that I found it would move even faster. Thanks for listening, Kim


Nov 15 2021

Won’t go without it

I have been taking BioX 4 at least 3 years. About a year ago I stopped taking it to try one of the other products but I immediately noticed the difference in my bowels not being as regular. I also noticed this if I was traveling and didn’t take it with me. So I take BioX 4 regularly every day because of bowels and also helps me not crave food like I used to. It has been easier to keep my weight where I want it. Won’t be without it!!


Nov 15 2021

better than i could imagine

I started taking this after ordering from an infomercial on Facebook which i would not normally try anything thru there but listening to Dr Lee it made sense to me. I thought why not give it a try i have been using a month now while i have not lost a ton of weight, i am feeling better not bloated or gassy. I am having regular movements so i think great i am feeling better which i am out doing more than before because i just didn’t feel good. I love this product. I will keep on using using it. I know this is a marathon not a sprint, the better i am feeling the more comes off because i am doing more and trying to eat more healthy. I am looking forward to seeing how much is gone in 6 months. Thanks again Elizabeth


Nov 14 2021

Just Started Taking It

Just started taking is about 2 weeks ago but have noticed I’m not having cravings like I did. I hope to see more results and just ordered 3 more bottles


Nov 14 2021

More energy

I feel like I have more energy and I’m sleeping better. I have less cravings with sweets and fast food, and I have also lost some weight.


Nov 14 2021

Great Start

I have lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I have better digestion. I am eating less because I’m not as hungry. I am keeping active all day long.


Nov 13 2021

Wow it really works!

I started taking nucific with some skepticism being that I had try so many other product with no success. A week into using this product my family and friends started telling me that I had lost weight well I thought they were just being kind because they new I was trying to lose wieght. It wasn’t until I tried on a pair of jeans I bought a few months ago that would not close around the belly area and now they do. My metabolism is up and I’ve got back back some of my life activities that I wasn’t able to do before it has also help with my osteoarthritis I no longer take fosamax for it and have less pain as well don’t know if it’s all due to nucific but I have an over all sense of well being since I started it. Thank You! Dr Amy Lee for the amazing product.


Nov 13 2021

Nucific Product Review

I have been taking these products for the past 30 days. I can honestly say the within the first week I have felt the best I have in years. I’ve tried many other companies and none have compared to what Nucific products have done for me. I encourage everyone to stop shopping elsewhere and give Nucific products the chance they deserve. I’m blessed to have found such an amazing company Catherine Greer age 51


Nov 12 2021

Seeing some improvement

I been using nucific for a little over three weeks now though it did not help with my bowel movement I can see that my stomach has gone down a bit and it seems to be helping with my waste lines.


Nov 12 2021

Great energy

I am feeling lots of energy, less cravings and I’m sure will see weight loss soon! Thanks for a great product.


Nov 12 2021

For Bio X-4

I am not using this product to help me loose weight. I am 5’6″ and weigh 132 lbs. I decided to try it for another benefit outlined in the marketing…To help with my persistent fatigue that I have been dealing with pretty much all my life. I’m fine when I’m doing something, but when I stop, I could easily go to sleep. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but it includes eggs and fish every so often. I have found over three weeks using this suppliment that I do have more energy over all, and I have a better resting state, where I do not want to go to sleep all the time. So far I am satisfied. I will continue taking Bio X-4.


Nov 11 2021