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Nucific Reviews

At Nucific, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. The Nucific reviews below are from actual customers.


Nov 17 2020

Lost weight!


[…] It helped me curve cravings, slim my waist line and got rid of my bloating and discomfort. I got more active, and had more energy. I also began to care more about what I ate, and how much. This stuff works, and I will continue to purchase more!


Nov 13 2020

LOVE this Product!


I can’t say enough about this product! I read the reviews before I purchased and gave it a try. I didn’t know what to expect. It has been such a positive contribution to my everyday wellbeing and diet. First, I’d like to start off and tell you that I was having digestive issues for years. I was diagnosed with something referred to as SIBO, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. In a nutshell, too much of the bad bacteria was wreaking havoc on my small intestine. This caused a lot of stomach pain, bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation. The probiotic in this product along with a digestive enzyme has really helped put all theses symptoms to rest. Secondly, the craving blocker has worked amazingly well for me too! I used to eat a lot more sugar. I love it, as most do, but it was hurting my weight loss progress. I noticed a BIG difference in my cravings since taking this product. I no longer wanted to eat sugar and if I had a little, I didn’t feel out of control. Third, the appetite suppressant is real. I have noticed that I eat less and I didn’t really have to try too hard to do so. I realize that everyone is different and results may be different for everyone, but if you take this product consistently, eat a healthy diet and exercise, you will see and feel the results. After taking this product for about five months, I have lost about 6-7 pounds, have no more bloating, gas or constipation and I have more energy.


Oct 28 2020

Nucific BioX4


These product seems to be helping me maintain my weight. I have been taking it for six months now.


Sep 19 2020

Great product.


I am so pleased with how this product actually WORKS! […] I was inspired by Dr. Amy’s video, and she really came through with this product! Thank you so much, I was in misery for years, & this product has helped very much!


Feb 24 2020

It's Amazing


I have been taking this since early January because of the inspirational video that I saw Dr. Amy deliver – and I have been feeling great […] I have also been eating cleaner and exercising, but I honestly don’t think I could have done it without this product and also in conjunction with their probiotic. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get my life back.

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Jan 20 2021



Simple and sweet Amy when will you have Carb C6 available again , I will be purchasing at least 10 jars of it . It has prevent me from gaining weight even if I cheat , and works all the time with myself and my wife . Surprise me with the word : AVAILABLE , next time I stop by your website as my wife and I have started a serious weight loss plan and you are part of it , thanks for your time and effort helping us achieve our health goals. Dr. Perez Cortes Psychiatrist


Jan 8 2021

Good Supplement

My craving for carbs is slowly being brought under control. I don’t think I’ll ever give up carbs altogether, but I’m craving them less, so I don’t eat as much. I’m starting to slowly see some results on the scale. This is a great supplement.


Jan 5 2021

Carb C-6


I’m enjoying my carb c-6. I love the fact it curbs my appetite I don’t snack as much as I used to before Nucific. It helps me from craving sugary good


Dec 23 2020

Morning Does makes my eating habit better

Yes. After taking a dose in the morning on an empty stomach, my cravings for carb foods have been eliminated. With my lifestyle, purchasing “carb products” such as breads aren’t purchased anymore, which means that the food won’t spoil/go bad. What I buy is what I eat and I don’t purchase carb-foods anymore. My diet focuses on vegetables and fruits with a bit of yogurt and I crave nothing. Thanks, Amy. Dean


Dec 11 2020

Great add on in my overall program

I’ve been on CARB 6 for a couple months and feel that it has help balance out meals with higher carbs.

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Jan 9 2021

Prebio Cleanse

I have been taking Prebio Cleanse for a little over 1 month and I no longer experience the constipation episodes I was experiencing prior to use of this product. I take a full glass of water mixed with a scoop of Prebio Cleanse […] when I get up for the day. I like that it encourages me to drink the water, instead of soda or something else, it doesn’t really have much of a taste, and it is gentle working. I now have at least 1 BM a day and it passes without painful irritation […] Thank you so very much!


Jan 6 2021

Pre Bioclense w/BioX4

I have been a huge fan of BioX4 but when I added PrebioCleanse daily it has clearly (no pun intended) helped with my good gut health regimen. Thank you Dr for all that you continue to do for others and me!!


Sep 25 2020

Prebiotic Cleanse

Since I’ve been taking this product my bowel movements have been stellar- just what I was hoping for. I was having bouts of diarrhea but that has cleared up since taking prebio cleanse. I love how easy it is to take. I’m hooked on it now. Thanks Nucific!


Sep 14 2020

Prebio Cleanse


It took a few days to see a difference,then I was regular. It seems to work better than anything I have used before. I like the product […]


Sep 9 2020

Greater Freedom


I have been experiencing a digestive issue called “Leaky Gut” which made leaving home a complicated matter. After just one month’s use of PREBIO CLEANSE,I have experienced “quality improvement” which did not occur with other products I’ve purchased from other companies! Thank you NUCIFIC!!

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Dec 24 2020

Love it!!!


Love it!!! It really helps my digestion. Take it everyday.


Aug 22 2020

Excellent Probiotic

Sometimes it is hard to recommend a specific probiotic to my patients. The high quality control and research behind Dr. Amy Lee‘s products make it easy for me to recommend the Nucific version without any reservations.


Aug 7 2020

great digestive support


My husband and I have been using Bio X4 for sooo many months and decided to give this probiotic complex a try!! We are quite happy with the way we feel after a heavy meal or a fried chicken dinner like meal. Usually we will feel a bit uncomfortable and the next morning too we would feel a bit horrible. But I guess this complex reduces that feeling. Also yes there is a reduction of bloating. Unable to say any thing about weight management yet. We just started this one month ago! Overall it definitely provides a good sense of relief to manage after-meal difficulties and uncomfy tummy issues.


Jul 30 2020

First Month

Just finished my first month of probiotics. My stomach is less bloated and makes a lot less gurgles in the morning.


Jun 30 2020

Probiotic Complex

This has been only the third week since I started. It really works! Constipation has been the major issue in my whole life. I started to give the product to my husband […] I hope it continues to work for both of us.

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Jan 24 2021

Deep Cell Activator -- feel better

I’ve taken Deep Cell Activator for 3 months, and am in my 4th month. In a general sense, I feel better. Less bloating and better energy. I usually try a supplement for 3 months and if there is a positive difference, i continue taking it. I felt better after 3 months so i bought more. I’m also taking Nighttime Slimming Complex and i think both have contributed to better quality sleep for me and i am achieving my restful sleep goals.


Jan 23 2021

Deep Cell Activator

Deep Cell Acrivator seems to be working. It seems to be working well. My digestive track seems to like it and the girth of my mid section is slowly getting smaller. I wish that I it could be a little stronger perhaps, and that I could see results a little faster. Overall I believe it is a very good product.


Jan 22 2021

Deep cell activator

I like this product a lot noticed a difference in energy levels and feeling less bloated. I have taken it before and stopped really glad I went back to it! I highly recommend trying it and seeing how it can change your day!


Jan 20 2021

Feeling Better

I’ve been taken the Deep Cell Activator now for a couple of weeks now and I feel that I have more energy than before being on it. I’ve been able to get on a regular workout schedule every day. I know that the process is not a race but a marathon but I feel with the Deep Cell Activator and the meal plan I’ve been on I will continue losing weight and get to my goal. Looking further to reaching that goal by the summer time.


Nov 2 2020

Awesome product

I began taking the deep cell activator one month ago and have experienced so much more energy and less cravings for snacking. My sleep pattern has gotten better and I awaken ready to start my day unlike before I was dragging myself out of bed. I recommend this product and the night time product as well. If there is a product that can increase one’s energy this is it, thank you Ms. Lee.

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