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Nucific Reviews

At Nucific, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. The Nucific reviews below are from actual customers.


Sep 12 2022

Excellent if you stick with it!


I have been using BioX for 3 years now. It immediatly lowered cravings for bread and sweets. After adopting a mostly vegan diet I’ve lost 30 pounds over 3 years. Swimming three times/week has also helped! Thanks Dr. Lee for this fantastic product. I am 67 and retired having more time now to devote to my health and wellness. I take it 3 X days with meals.


Jun 1 2022

So far so good


I have been using Bio-X4 for just over a month. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I do feel more energy and what’s even more important is that my cravings for carbs and sweets have gone way down! I have read reviews to give it at least 90 days or more so I’ll keep on using.


Jun 1 2022

Val's Nucific results


Hi Dr. Lee & Team. I have been taking Nucific for almost 4 weeks. I haven’t lost any weight but I have cut down on cravings of breads and sweets. My stomach is not as hard, digestion is definitely better.


May 31 2022

I can't believe my craving for sweets has diminished


I am really pleased with this product.


May 31 2022

Good so far


I haven’t lost any weight so far but have no cravings for sweets, which is a buggy for me. I have been taking the product for a couple weeks and am having my husband take it as well.


Aug 17 2022

So far so good!


I have been using this Carb-C6 for about a month. I can certainly notice the difference after taking it. I no longer crave or binge on snacks (especially sweets, salty, and crunchy ones) between meals. This gives me the energy I need throughout the day being a mom of a busy household. I would continue to use this product!


Jul 27 2022

Nucific products

Enjoying renewed enérgy, positive mood and weight loss. Really works as touted.


Jul 26 2022

It Works for Me


While not the ‘instant magic bullet” I was dreaming of, this is working for me. I am taking it slow and steady. The C6 is reducing my cravings for carbs and thus helping me eat healthier overall. I find I have more energy throughout the day.


Jun 21 2022

Awesome Product


This is really helping me lose weight combined with my BIO-X4 really satisfied.


Apr 14 2022

Your Best Friend While on a Keto Diet


You know how difficult it gets with cravings for those of you who are on a Keto diet. It seems like almost every food out there is “off-limits,” Carb-C6 helped me over this because I noticed I could eat a few “cheats” on a Keto Diet: two cookies or the bun on a hamburger or a small bag of chips or a small order of french fries – all are foods I dearly missed since I went to Keto two years ago. Carb C6 helped keep my biomarkers: blood glucose and ketones readings at similar levels as when I wasn’t “cheating.” That has made a difference in my life because even with a small serving of a “bad” favorite food, I also don’t have a craving to overeat it. I’m glad I learned about this product.


Jun 7 2022


This product has made me regular on a daily basis with no straining love this product


Apr 19 2022



I love the routine it has put me in!! Love that I’m not bloated, that I am regular and energized!


Apr 12 2022

Give it a chance


I was feeling bloated because I had stopped taking bio x 4. That was a mistake. I started to take the pro cleanse and started the bio x 4 back up. I was bloated for a few weeks but didn’t give up because I knew how the bio x 4 made me feel after taking it before. I’m glad I started taking it again and thrilled with the cleanse as well. Highly recommend.


Apr 7 2022

Prebiotic Cleanse works!


I’ve had digestive issues for years. Since I’ve been using Prebio Cleanse I’ve been more regular, less bloated and way more comfortable in my skin. Grateful to have found this!


Apr 3 2022

I've been trying to lose weight, but was in a stall. Since using this product my weight has come down. I started back to losing weight again. I love this product.

My weight had stalled for 5 weeks. I started using this product the first week lost 4 lbs. Every week now, since starting this product, I’ve losted 2 lbs. This is a great weightloss assistant product. I drink one gallon of water along with this prebio cleanse.


Sep 22 2022

Love the Probiotics

so far so good, just under a month but on a daily basis my stomach is nice and calm! thank you!


Aug 25 2022

Feeling better


I have been using Bio for about 20 days. I noticed that I feel better, my bowels are starting to work better. My weight is what it should be and I hope my stomach will continue to improve.


Aug 11 2022

Been taking since 2019


Been taking for a long time. Since 2019. Everyone thinks I workout. I told them no I follow the 80/20 rule. I only eat candy and sweets during that time of month and I drink tons of water everyday. Now I’m worried I am getting too skinny but everyone said no you look great. So thank you for all the research done. What’s funny is I have been telling everyone to take but no one is listening. They just keep telling me I look great. Starting to not believe. Who wouldn’t want to look good and feel healthy.


Aug 10 2022

Probiotic Review


The probiotics work great and stabilized my digestive system in just a couple days. I highly recommend this product.


Aug 6 2022

feel greatI


I love I feel great like 40 years old bless you and keep this great job I hope many people feel like myself thanks so much love.Pedro


Sep 27 2022

Deep cell

I have been using the deep cell activator for about 45 days. I’ve been taking Bio – X4 for about 6 months. The Bio X4 is a good product and works. The deep cell activator seems to curb the snack desire. I was stuck at my weight even with an intensive 1 hour daily walk but with deep cell activator I’ve lost 3-4 lbs over the 45 days. The belly fat has been reduced slightly but I’m looking for more reduction in the belly fat. I intend to continue the deep cell activator.


Sep 27 2022

Helps get over plateau

I began using Deep Cell Activator about 3 weeks ago. It has helped me get over a plateau during my weight-loss journey. I am taking it along with Bio-X4 in the morning before my daily 30-minute cardio workout and breakfast. It helps curb my appetite and reduce my craving for snacks throughout the day and in the evening. I would like to see more weight loss and decrease in stomach fat.


Aug 16 2022

Recommended to my fellow NURSES

Since I started taking Nucific Deep Cell Activator I am not as tired as I used to doing night shift. I take two capsules daily in the morning. Also, Instead of drinking coffee to keep me awake on duty I now drink Moro-Slim but since it’s al little bit too sweet for me I add freshly squeezed lemon, lots of ice and that will be my drink for the entire shift. I take Bio-X4 after eating a meal or snack. I am not really losing weight 😄 but I feel light…No more bloating or gas (very happy). I don’t crave on snacking every now and then like I used to. My co- worker asked me if I’m loosing weight 😀Maybe it’s because the bloating is gone! Well, Im turning 56 this month so I better invest in my health.


Aug 9 2022

Deep Cell Activator

I start using Deep Cell Activator last month and it gave me more stamina, I lost a few inch around my hips.I have more energy and better digestion. It’s a keeper for me. I take it with Bio x and Hunger Balance . Together , I can finally get back in my pants without the bulge.


Aug 6 2022

I've noticed a change!!!! 😁

Today, I’ve started on my second bottle of Deep Cell Activator. Throughout my teenage years and adult life, I’ve always struggled with core fat, especially love handles. I was an athlete throughout school and continued to workout in my adult life, but my core fat didn’t want to go! I’ve tried keto, fasting, more cardio; still there! I noticed BioX4 on a FB ad and ordered it. I noticed a change in my energy, cravings and bathroom habits, which is great! So I viewed the other products and Deep Cell Activator seemed to be just what I needed for this stubborn fat. After my first month, along with BioX4, I have notice a big difference in my core! I will be 40 in November and I’m like “I finally found what I’ve needed!” I was considering getting a procedure, but not anymore! I will continue my workouts and continue using these products. I am ready to see what results I have after month 2 is completed.