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Nucific Reviews

At Nucific, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. The Nucific reviews below are from actual customers.


Sep 22 2021

Decreased food cravings.

I purchased one bottle of the Bio-x4 because I’ve purchase so Many things in the past that did not work for me. I don’t like to take pills/capsules. This Bio-x4 has decreased my cravings and I’ve lost about 5lbs in less than a month, it also has helped with my digestion. I will be ordering more bottles of the Bio-x4 in the near future.


Sep 21 2021

Bio - X4

I have been using this product for a short time. I was looking for something that would help with digestive issues. I am beginning to see a positive change with in digestion, heartburn….also I feel more energetic and have healthy bowel movements. I find I am less hungry and have fewer cravings. I plan on continuing to use this product to see if these health benefits continue.


Sep 21 2021


I have been taking Bio x 4. A wonderful digestive aid but most of all it reduces the feeling of hunger that made me overeat. I’ve lost 30 lbs in a year without really changing my habits too much.


Sep 21 2021

Great product

Your products really works. I like your product because there are no side effects. It works to eliminate cravings making it easier to eat healthier.


Apr 27 2021

WORKS great!


It has been the best digestive product I’ve bought in my life. […]*


May 30 2021

C6 Amazing!!!


OMG! I love this product. Not only has it reduced my appetite and helped me control over eating, it has also given me energy! The best part though, I’ve lost weight without changing my current eating habits or exercise routine. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!*


Jan 20 2021



Simple and sweet Amy when will you have Carb C6 available again , I will be purchasing at least 10 jars of it . It has prevent me from gaining weight even if I cheat , and works all the time with myself and my wife . Surprise me with the word : AVAILABLE , next time I stop by your website as my wife and I have started a serious weight loss plan and you are part of it , thanks for your time and effort helping us achieve our health goals. Dr. Perez Cortes Psychiatrist*


Jan 8 2021

Good Supplement


My craving for carbs is slowly being brought under control. I don’t think I’ll ever give up carbs altogether, but I’m craving them less, so I don’t eat as much. I’m starting to slowly see some results on the scale. This is a great supplement.*


Jan 5 2021

Carb C-6


I’m enjoying my carb c-6. I love the fact […] it curbs my appetite I don’t snack as much as I used to before Nucific. It helps me from craving sugary good*


Dec 23 2020

Morning Does makes my eating habit better

Yes. After taking a dose in the morning on an empty stomach, my cravings for carb foods have been eliminated. With my lifestyle, purchasing “carb products” such as breads aren’t purchased anymore, which means that the food won’t spoil/go bad. What I buy is what I eat and I don’t purchase carb-foods anymore. My diet focuses on vegetables and fruits with a bit of yogurt and I crave nothing. Thanks, Amy. Dean*


Jul 19 2021

Prebio Cleanse Making Progress


I began taking Prebio Cleanse about a month ago and have found it to be quite helpful. I am retired and will soon reach the age of 79. With age, things sometimes become more complicated, and along with stool softeners and addition of a psyllium product I was still having a bit of straining. The addition of the Prebio Cleanse in a glass of water when I wake of the morning to make my first wakeup run to the bathroom, prepares me well for breakfast or at least a cup of coffee when I make my final wakeup about anywhere from 9-9:30. […]*


Jul 10 2021

Works Great

It seems to be working for me. I’m feeling good about it. It’s easy to take. I like it, thanks.*


May 18 2021

Prebio Cleanse

It took a couple of days to work but sure enough, it helped things move in a more normal way than they have in years. I see that another user suggested taking it at night so I might try that. I don’t always remember to take it a half hour before my first meal and if I don’t do that, I forget to take it for sure.*


May 18 2021

Great product!

Works great after about a week. Daily BM is smooth and consistent now. Love this product!*


Apr 10 2021

Better digestion


PreBio Cleanse helps my body digest so much better. I have no bloating and […]elimination. I’m a small person, so I’ve found it’s better for me to use 1/2 to 3/4 scoop each time to avoid cramping. I definitely recommend it!*


Apr 23 2021

Lost Weight-Feel Great

At the end of April, it will mark one year of using Nucific products. I have used many of the products and I like them all. I start every day with Bio-X4.*


Apr 23 2021

Less bloating


I have been able to tell a huge difference in belly bloating since taking probiotic complex! I will continue to take it daily!*


Apr 8 2021


Lots of digestive issues and this really helps alleviate them! And ONLY 1 capsule twice a day!!! Throwing everything else in the trash!!*


Mar 8 2021

It Works!!!

I’ve been taking the probiotic as well as a few other products of theirs and it really has made a tremendous difference. But I think the most important has been the probiotic because it has so many different strains. A lot of other probiotics out there have a lot fewer varieties of strains and I feel that this covers more ground and I feel that it works personally for me.*


Mar 1 2021

Reduced bloating and indigestion


Great product that almost immediately reduced my bloating and indigestion. I would highly recommend the Nucific probiotics.*


Aug 10 2021

Deep cell activator

I have been using deep cell activator now for almost a month. I transitioned from X4 and I feel like my body likes it better my digestion is great and I feel its working on my behalf of not allowing me to gain weight at this time I’m just maintaining and I feel great I’m hoping it will continue to produce more results as I continue to use it*


Jan 24 2021

Deep Cell Activator -- feel better


I’ve taken Deep Cell Activator for 3 months, and am in my 4th month. In a general sense, I feel better. Less bloating and better energy. I usually try a supplement for 3 months and if there is a positive difference, i continue taking it. I felt better after 3 months so i bought more. I’m also taking Nighttime Slimming Complex and i think both have contributed to better quality sleep for me and i am achieving my restful sleep goals.*


Jan 23 2021

Deep Cell Activator


Deep Cell Acrivator seems to be working. It seems to be working well. My digestive track seems to like it and the girth of my mid section is slowly getting smaller. I wish that I it could be a little stronger perhaps, and that I could see results a little faster. Overall I believe it is a very good product.*


Jan 22 2021

Deep cell activator

I like this product a lot noticed a difference in energy levels and feeling less bloated. I have taken it before and stopped really glad I went back to it! I highly recommend trying it and seeing how it can change your day!*


Jan 20 2021

Feeling Better

I’ve been taken the Deep Cell Activator now for a couple of weeks now and I feel that I have more energy than before being on it. I’ve been able to get on a regular workout schedule every day. I know that the process is not a race but a marathon but I feel with the Deep Cell Activator and the meal plan I’ve been on I will continue losing weight and get to my goal. Looking further to reaching that goal by the summer time.*