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Nucific Bio-X4

Four-way support for a slim body and smoother digestion!

Nucific Bio-X4

Four-way support for a slim body and smoother digestion!

Enjoy Bio-X4, a powerful 4-way defensive strategy against unhealthy cravings, digestive issues, and metabolism — in 1 easy-to-use formula! Who knew looking and feeling so great could be this easy?*

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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Bio-X4 has everything you need to look and feel fantastic.

  Bio-X4 takes a multi-pronged approach to digestive health. Every capsule is packed with powerful, science-backed ingredients to help balance your digestive system, supercharge your metabolism, curb your unhealthy cravings, and help you achieve weight loss results that have eluded you for years.*

The secret? Quality, scientifically-studied ingredients.

Healthy weight begins with healthy digestion, so we designed Bio-X4 to help you overhaul your system from the inside out. This product combines 4 formulas into 1 capsule: An advanced probiotic blend, a powerful “junk food” craving blocker, digestive enzymes, and a metabolic-boosting blend.*

Every capsule of Bio-X4 is packed with powerful probiotics.

Bio-X4 contains 5 unique probiotic strains — with 4 billion CFUs per capsule**— to help ensure smoother, more comfortable digestion. Probiotic strains like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium nourish your gut with healthy bacteria and help bring balance to your digestive system. Together, these powerful probiotics work to get your gut bacteria back in balance — so you aren’t troubled by embarrassing gas, uncomfortable bloating, or occasional emergency trips to the bathroom.*   **At time of manufacture.

Digestive enzymes help your body absorb key nutrients.

Did you know that the vital nutrients in your foods could be passing right through your body — without giving you any nutritional benefits? That’s why we included 3 powerful digestive enzymes in Bio-X4, to help you absorb nutrition from every bite of food. These key enzymes — amylase, lipase, and bromelain — help break down protein, fats, and carbs in your food… into the nutrients you NEED to be healthy.*

Green tea extract helps supercharge your metabolism.

As you age, your metabolism tends to slow down — which can make it a lot harder to lose weight. So we added the powerful metabolism-booster EGCG, more commonly known as green tea extract, to help fire up your digestion. EGCG is a powerful “weight loss helper” that helps crank up your metabolism and boost your energy — to help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body.*

Our powerful cravings blocker keeps you on track.

As you know, the biggest threat to successful weight loss is intense cravings that can make you reach for unhealthy junk food. That’s why every capsule of Bio-X4 includes an unhealthy cravings-blocker called Caralluma Fimbriata — which has been found to help ease junk food cravings, so you can get help to achieve the body you want.*

How can you tell if Bio-X4 is right for you?

This unique formulation can be effective at any age or weight, to help improve digestion AND help you better control your weight. Its ingredients allow it to be gentle on your system, while still providing powerful and noticeable results. This formulation is especially beneficial for those who need help managing their weight, or anyone who experiences uncomfortable bloating or irregular digestion.*

Each formula of Bio-X4 is tested for quality.

We designed Bio-X4 to work like no other weight management supplement on the planet. Every ingredient was deliberately chosen to help you look AND feel slimmer, healthier, and better than you have in years.* Each 30-day supply is packaged in a high-quality amber glass jar, to ensure each capsule stays fresh and unaffected by excess light and air. Plus, every formula is third-party tested, to verify you receive exactly what you’ve paid for.

Stock up on multiple bottles to maximize your savings.

The majority of Bio-X4 customers enjoy taking advantage of the discounted multi-bottle options. Our 3-bottle option is the most popular order option, but your highest savings will be on our 6-bottle option.

Every order is backed by our industry-leading guarantee.

To offer you peace of mind, your order is protected by our 90-Day Guarantee. This gives you a full 3 months to watch this powerful supplement take effect. If you’re not thrilled with your results, just send back the bottles (even if they’re empty) and we’ll refund your purchase price. Because the bottom line is — your satisfaction is our #1 priority. And if you’re not thrilled with your results, we don’t want you to pay. Simple as that.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Manages “Junk” Cravings*

Bio-X4 contains Caralluma Fimbriata, which has been found to help ease unhealthy food cravings — a major step toward achieving the body you want. This cravings-control compound helps you say “no” to those snacks and unhealthy foods that can wreck your diet — and your waistline.

Promotes Weight Management*

Nucific Bio-X4 also contains EGCG — a natural compound found in green tea, which has been found in numerous studies to boost your metabolism. This potent metabolism booster can help you achieve a slimmer, lighter body — while giving you the energy to enjoy every minute of every day.


Supports Smoother Digestion*

Bio-X4 contains 12 billion CFUs, from 5 powerful Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic strains, to help ensure smoother, more comfortable digestion. This specially-designed probiotic blend helps soothe your digestion, helping provide relief from gas, bloating, and other gastric issues.

The product also has 3 key digestive enzymes — amylase, lipase, and bromelain — to help break down the foods you eat, unlocking the nutrients and easing digestive issues. These potent enzymes help you break down food efficiently, so you get more of the nutritional benefits from the foods you eat — and can enjoy better head-to-toe health.

Boosts Metabolism*

The unique probiotic formula in Nucific Bio-X4 helps balance your gut bacteria, which can affect your metabolism and energy levels. EGCG — the potent compound in green tea — can help boost metabolism, supercharge your digestive system, and help you enjoy more energy.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Bio-X4 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main ingredients in Nucific Bio-X4?

Bio-X4 combines four key ingredient blends: Green tea extract (EGCG), Caralluma Fimbriata, 5 potent probiotics, and 3 key digestive enzymes. Here is a list of the main ingredients:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Bifidobacterium animalis
  • Amylase
  • Bromelain
  • Lipase
  • Green tea extract (50% EGCG)
  • Slimaluma ™

What is Nucific Bio-X4?

Bio-X4 is our 4-in-1 weight management probiotic that works to optimize your digestive system from the inside out. Each capsule is packed with 4 nutrients to help balance your digestive system, supercharge your metabolism, curb your unhealthy cravings, and support your weight loss efforts. It’s like getting 4 powerful formulas in 1 — which work together to help you look AND feel fantastic.*

How does Bio-X4 work?

Healthy weight begins with healthy digestion, so we designed Bio-X4 to help you overhaul your system from the inside out.   The secret is in our revolutionary 4-in-1 formula:*

  1. Digestive enzymes to ease digestion & maximize nutrient absorption
  2. Caralluma Fimbriata to curb unhealthy cravings and help you achieve your weight loss goals
  3. Green tea extract (EGCG) to help supercharge your metabolism
  4. Potent probiotics to help balance gut bacteria & alleviate digestive issues

Together, these 4 blends help give your body everything it needs for smoother, more comfortable digestion, enhanced all-day energy, and slimming support.

Who should take Bio-X4?

Bio-X4 is designed to optimize your overall digestive health — from the inside out. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy smoother digestion, a slimmer waistline, smooth bowel movements, and higher energy levels. The product’s unique formulation can be effective at any age or weight, to improve digestion AND help you control your weight. That said, this product can be especially beneficial for those who wish to lose weight, or anyone who experiences uncomfortable bloating or irregular digestion.

How many bottles of Bio-X4 should I order?

The majority of our customers enjoy taking advantage of the discounted 3-bottle option. For those who wish to share Bio-X4 with their families, we recommend investing in our even lower discounted 6-bottle option.

Does Bio-X4 require refrigeration?

No. Each 30-day supply is packaged in a high-quality amber glass jar, to ensure each capsule stays fresh, potent, and unaffected by excess light and air. For this reason, the product does not require refrigeration.

How pure is Bio-X4? Does it contain any known allergens?

This product is made up of professionally-sourced ingredients. Every formula is tested for quality at an independent, 3rd-party facility. We use gluten-free, allergen-free capsules. However, we recommend consulting with your own doctor before starting any new health program or nutritional supplement.

Is Bio-X4 compatible with my diet?

Because every capsule of Bio-X4 is 100% gluten-free and allergen-free, it is compatible with any diet. However, we always recommend talking to your own doctor or nutritionist before trying a new supplement or making changes to your diet — he or she will know what’s best for your unique dietary needs.

How do I take Bio-X4?

For optimal results, take 1 capsule with each meal, 3 times per day. You can take up to 2 capsules per meal, but do not exceed 6 capsules a day. If you accidentally miss a serving, or even an entire day, just continue as normal the next day.

What will happen if I miss a day?

Preferably, you want to take Bio-X4 consistently on a daily basis, to allow your body to build up a prime level of digestive enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial bacteria. If you happen to miss a serving, or even an entire day, just continue as normal the next day.

Does Bio-X4 really work?

When we formulated Bio-X4, we wanted to create a nutritional supplement that any man or woman could take to support their weight management, regardless of age, body type, or eating habits. Every capsule contains natural ingredients that are gentle on your system, while still providing noticeable results.   However, keep in mind that every digestive system is different — so results can vary from person to person. For best results, we suggest using Bio-X4 consistently as directed on a daily basis. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about Bio-X4, our Customer Support team is standing by. Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help.

Bio-X4 Results: How long will it take to notice a difference?

Everyone’s digestive system is different — and therefore, individual results will vary. We recommend allowing this product at least 30 days to fully get to work. Many users experience their best results after 60 days. For optimal results, we advise taking the recommended serving of 3 capsules on a daily basis, exercising regularly, and not overeating carbs and sweets. Video reviews online can help you to get a better idea of others’ experiences with this dietary supplement.

How can I get the most out of Bio-X4?

The best way to maximize the effects of Bio-X4 is by taking it consistently 3 times per day, as well as combining it with regular exercise and a healthy diet. On its own, it is a fantastic tool for optimizing your digestive health. But if you take this supplement in addition to exercising and eating right, you’re going to see much more dramatic effects.    For this reason, we recommend stocking up on multiple bottles — that way, you’ll be covered for months to come, without having to wait between shipments. Your biggest savings will be on our discounted 3-bottle or 6-bottle options.

Where to buy Bio-X4: Is it online or in stores?

Bio-X4 is currently available for purchase online! Listings from 3rd party websites will not include our 90-day money-back guarantee.

What if Bio-X4 doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?

We believe everyone can benefit from the digestion-supporting and energy-boosting ingredients in Bio-X4. However, we recommend always speaking with your doctor before beginning this (or any) new health program or supplement.   That said, we also know that every individual body is different. So if this formula doesn’t meet your expectations, rest assured we’ve got you covered. Every order is covered by our 90-Day Refund Guarantee. That means you can use up the entire bottle — and if you’re unhappy for any reason, just send it back within 90 days. We’ll happily refund your purchase price, no questions asked. So please — try it for yourself for a full 3 months. And if you’re not 100% thrilled with your results, we don’t want you to pay. Simple as that.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.



Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule with each meal, 3x a day. Can take up to 2 capsules per meal, but do not exceed 6 capsules a day.


4.6 3977 Reviews

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Aug 16 2023

Digestion Better

Been taking product for a month. Digestion is definitely better and more regular. Haven’t seen any weight loss yet. Will continue as I’m just hitting the time when I should start to see it.


Aug 12 2023

Good craving suppressant

I am taking Bio-X4 a long with Advanced Slimming Probiotic. Bio-X4 seems to suppress cravings so I don’t feel hungry and tired throughout the day.


Aug 11 2023

Bio X 4 Nucific - Still going


I have been taking Bio X for over a month and have seen a stead weight loss, it helps curve my appetite as well as assisting me in being regular. I often take two pills before meals, helps if you take the pills a little while before you eat. I feel that they lose some of their effectiveness when taken with a meal. I plan on keeping to my regiment of watching what I eat and to continue to run at a calorie deficit. I keep a food and exercise calorie journal to keep me honest and to hold myself accountable. I like to say that I am NOT on a diet. What I am doing is 100% sustainable for life and actually requires very little effort besides food planning and documentation.


Aug 8 2023

Smoothing Digestion


I have noticed that my digestion and bowel movements are getting healthier and healthier. I haven’t had any weight loss yet. I have tried several other products before but have never seen any change. I am thankful for BioX4. Finally I’m getting results.


Aug 6 2023

No weight loss achieved

Even though I did feel an improvement in energy levels, there was no change in my weight whatsoever.


Aug 2 2023

Better, But Not Great Yet


Bio-X4 has improved how my stomach feels. It took a diet change of limiting sugar including foods high in fructans and alcohol for really feeling better and losing weight. Digestion still needs improvement after 11 weeks using the product. I will continue for another 3 month cycle and hope my stomach gets healthy after 6 months of use.


Jul 27 2023

Slowly and Stady

I have consumed 1 bottle of Bio X4 in a month and I have lost 4kg. There were times that I drank it along with the meal for I have forgotten to take it before meal…I am still in dark and doubt the 1-3weeks. This 4th week, i began to have controlled intake and I managed to have an intermittent fasting. Some friends already noticed that I lost some of my excess weight. Thanks much, Dr. Amy Lee


Jul 18 2023



So far so good. Have notice a change in bowel movements and some wait lose. Will continue use.


Jul 17 2023



I’ve noticed a difference in my digestion as a skeptic. This was another trial for me but this time the results have made the cut. I have few more of the supplements left so I’ll wait until after there gone to see if my body adjusts without or if I’ll need more.


Jul 14 2023

So far, pretty good!

I’ve been on Bio-X4 for about a month now. I’ve been very happy about the improvement in my digestion. I feel like my nutrition intake is better because I’m not constantly plagued with diarrhea and/or loose stools. It’s pretty remarkable. I have lost about 3 lbs which is good but wish it would come off faster. I’m not starving all the time and I know my food intake is less, it just seems like I should be losing more faster!! Patience needed here!

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4.6 out of 5
4.6 OUT OF 5

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