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New Food Trends 2020: Home And Restaurant Cuisine To Try This Year

It’s time for some new food trends 2020 edition — an exciting way to wake up your diet and eating habits at the start of a new year.

It’s impossible to ignore the impact of a trend. Whether you consciously subscribe to the notion of them or not, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll fall prey to its power at some point. After all, humans are social creatures, and they often use trends set by the crowd to influence their own personal preferences and behaviors.1

It’s just the way the world works. And you never know if a trend will help you learn more about yourself or change the way you live and navigate the world.

The same can be said about food trends. Whether you’re committed to a specific diet, or you love to experiment with new flavors and cuisines, you’re sure to benefit from these interesting new ingredients, key ideas, and lifestyle shifts as dictated by pop culture.

Food And Beverage Trends, According To Food Industry Experts

Chefs and restaurants may help set and reinforce food trends. Here are just some things you might find popping up more often on menus the next time you eat out. You can then adapt or incorporate these ideas into your home cooking.

variety of juices | NucificLess alcohol, and more functional beverages: People are starting to make the shift to healthier lifestyles, which means a shift to healthier, so-called “functional” beverages. These are beverages that offer some measure of health benefit. In addition to the formulation of cocktails and drinks with less alcohol content, there’s also an increased interest in adding supplements, like collagen powder, to enrich water and smoothies with more nutrients.2

Intriguing new takes on Italian staples: Italian dishes, like gnocchi and lasagna, have been loved for generations. One of the food trends for 2020 is re-imagining these staple pasta dishes into something different. From making kale-based gnocchi to adding a new twist to your grandmother’s long-beloved lasagna recipe with healthier ingredients, you’re sure to fall in love with Italian cuisine all over again.3

Charcuterie goes up a notch: So, you’ve finally mastered the art of arranging smoked or grilled meats along with artisan cheeses and fruit on a platter. Get ready to take things to the next level in 2020. You can try arranging almost anything — even vegetables — in charcuterie fashion for family-style gatherings or house parties.4

A More Sustainable Way of Eating (And Living): More Local Ingredients, Less Plastic and Food Waste

food trends 2020 | NucificThis trend is more about how the food industry is making radical inroads into lessening its impact on the environment. In recent years, climate change and other relevant issues have taken center stage, and a spotlight has been shone on how farming practices and food production affect these global concerns.

More and more restaurants and chefs are renewing their commitment to sustainable farming practices and food sourcing, like preferring local seafood and meat suppliers or selecting ingredients that were ethically grown and sold. You’re sure to find new dishes on restaurant menus featuring inventive ways to showcase local flavors in portions that reduce food waste, as well.5

In a similar vein, the increased interest in reducing people’s reliance on single-use plastic has impacted the food and restaurant industry as well. More establishments are refusing to rely on plastic bags, plastic straws, utensils, and bottles or cups for their takeaway.6

Green Eating On The Rise: Shifting To Plant-Based Protein And More Vegetableschild and mother making salad | Nucific

In addition to more green practices, the food itself is literally getting greener. When it comes to 2020 food trends, vegetables are taking center stage, as people realize they should have been eating their cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts all along. Now they’re eating them in interesting new ways, like cauliflower pizza crust.7

Also, the key to adopting a more plant-based lifestyle is swapping out staple animal products like meat and dairy with acceptable plant-based protein sources. One of the biggest beverage trends is the rise of oat milk. It’s become so popular as a non-dairy alternative beverage, the company widely credited for its success reported a multi-million-dollar revenue in 2019.8

One of the biggest markers for the rise of the plant-based lifestyle is the reported success of flexitarianism, a new way of adopting a flexible plant-based diet. This diet encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal-based products in moderation.

Advocates say this dietary trend can help make the shift away from animal products easier, more affordable, and more sustainable.9

Specialty Foods And Exotic Cuisines To Try

variety of exotic foods | NucificIf you’re on the lookout for unique international flavors, don’t be afraid to go regional. Foodies are realizing that even within a specific country, there are several “hyperlocal” nuances to be found from town to town or coast to coast.10

Exotic flavors and ingredients will continue to spice up familiar condiments and dishes — think kimchi or gochujang-spiced mayo or Middle Eastern flavors, like harissa, added to your stews and marinades.11

Tired of the usual hard-boiled eggs as your go-to snack? Try biltong, an African beef jerky that everyone’s raving about. It’s an eye-opening gateway to new flavors and unique ways of food preparation.12

Keen on trying something new with your home cooking? Try ordering meal kits that can give you a sampling of these international flavors without too much commitment. You won’t have to worry too much about food waste since portions are often pre-measured and controlled.13

Have A Trendy (And Happy) 2020

Awaken your sense of adventure by trying some new ingredients or flavors you’ve never considered before, or experimenting with new ways to liven up staples you’ve eaten all your life. Whether you’re interested in changing the way you eat for one meal or for life, a willingness to hop on some new food trends is always a good place to start.

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