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Relaxing Hobbies And New Experiences To Try During Quarantine

Under normal circumstances, life is full of new experiences to try, new things to do, and new hobbies to give your time to. But these are not normal circumstances. Life has been a little different lately and it may be harder to get out of your comfort zone during quarantine.

But there are lots of new, fun things to do while staying home — and no, that doesn’t mean spending all day on social media and twitter. Put your device down (after you read this article, of course) and see if there’s anything you can check off your bucket list while staying in every day. Quarantine can be a time of personal growth if you allow it to be.

Looking for new experiences to try during the new normal? There are so many relaxing hobbies you can take up during quarantine life, whether indoors or out.

The World Has Changed And It’s Time To Social Distance: Try These Relaxing Hobbies

hobbies | NucificMany people are looking to relax during these stressful days. There are lots of ways to occupy your mind. Puzzles like the Rubik’s cube or board games can be great when you’re looking to unwind. Despite the fear that everything’s come to a halt, there are things you can do to spark some at-home happiness. 

For starters, why not treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Fill up your tub with bath salts and light some candles. Turn on your favorite mellow playlist and transport yourself to any destination by closing your eyes: New Orleans, Bora Bora, a mountain retreat. When you use your imagination, the world is your oyster.

The music you choose can help transport you, too. If you know a certain setting helps you relax, let your mind wander thereby playing the music of the region. You can even make yourself a travel-inspired meal for dinner that night. Try slow cooking some Indian curry with veggies and rice, Southern Jambalaya, Moroccan braised lamb, Spanish paella, or Peruvian chicken stew.

Experimenting in the kitchen can occupy your mind and body. It’s a great way to pass the time creatively and you’ll end up with something tasty. That should take everyone’s mind off of lockdown.

New Experiences to Try During Lockdown: Bring Back Board Game Night Or Karaoke

The following new experiences to try may not quite make the cut when it comes to bucket list ideas, but they are fun, relaxing, and will pass the time. 

Board games can take quite some time and help you and your family or roommates exercise your brains for a good long while. Classic board games like Boggle, Monopoly, Chess, and Checkers require planning, strategy, and quick reflexes. It’s always fun to engage in a little healthy competition.

Sick of your board games? Get together with some friends through an online chat platform and make your own board game. It’s fun to brainstorm ideas with people — not only will this lend itself to some fun conversation — you’ll end up with something great to play. Who knows, maybe you’ll pen the next version of Cards Against Humanity?

Online games can be fun too and maybe you’ll even meet a new person by playing a new game. The computer or your mobile device is full of free game apps and you can request to be assigned a competitor to play with. You never know when a new person you meet online will be a new friend you can connect with in person when things normalize. 

Another great at-home activity is karaoke! And you don’t need more than a paper towel roll and a wifi connection. What’s the paper towel roll for? Well, everyone needs a microphone. (You can probably also order one online to plug into your computer or media system.)

Just look for your favorite songs on video streaming sites. Often if you type in “instrumental” you’ll end up with a backup track that’s perfect for karaoke. Pass the time with a family sing-a-long or a solo concert. 

Singing is a great way to release some pent-up energy and there’s no shortage of styles and artists. So pick your favorites and have a singing party. 

new experiences to try | Nucific

Get Fresh Air With Outdoor Activities: Backyard Date Night, Bike Rides, and More

You don’t need to pack up and hop a flight to put your phone in airplane mode. You may think screen time is saving your quarantine experience, but is there such a thing of too much of a good thing? Yes.

Staring at your mobile phone or at your computer all day can take a toll on your health. And it can pull you away from those you love most. Instead, flip your phone to airplane mode — or better yet turn it off entirely. 

Put it in a drawer or a basket and set a 3-hour timer. 

Tell yourself you won’t pick it up until you’ve gone for some exercise, done something to get out of your comfort zone, enjoyed a little one on one time with your partner, or completed a task you’ve had on your mind.

And speaking of one on one time, when’s the last time you went on a date with your partner or spouse? You don’t need to go to a super fancy restaurant to have a good time. Give yourself some time to get things together to make it nice — a picnic, some yummy cheeses, a bottle of wine. Then… 

Head out to your backyard for a date night. Don’t have a backyard, set up a little cafe table on your balcony, or put a blanket out on your fire escape. Your loved one will appreciate that you’re taking the time to make them feel special. And you’ll enjoy a new angle of your home or some new scenery if you’ve been cooped up inside. 

Another great activity to do with a roommate, family member, or partner is a bike ride. Bike rides are great alone too. Just make sure you’re safe and following the right protocol for your city and state. If you need to wear a mask, do. 

If you know there’s a relatively unpopulated hiking trail nearby, that’s great too. Just make sure you stay more than six feet away from other hikers you may pass on the trail. 

Add These Experiences To Your Bucket List Ideas: Hot Air Balloon Ride With A Loved One

bucket list | NucificA fun activity to try while on lockdown is to gather your family — or cozy up in your favorite chair alone — and create some real-life bucket list ideas. What have you always wanted to do? Have you ever thought about hiking the Pacific Trail or taking a hot air balloon ride with a loved one? What about building your own home or learning to play a musical instrument? Make a list!

Then, once you have a good list going, see if you’ve written down anything you can start on today. Clearly, you can’t fly to the Amalfi Coast or take a kickboxing class right now. But you can write that novel, learn a new language, or get a grip on a new instrument.

There are ways to travel, virtually, too. So, if travel does make up most of your bucket list, look for an online tour of a place you’ve always fantasized about visiting. You can “virtually” walk the Great Wall or work “virtually” release sea turtles into the ocean in the Galapagos. 

You would be totally surprised at the amount of information you can learn about a city or travel destination through an online tour. Sample the music, art, architecture, and landscape of a town you’ve always been curious about. Then when this is all over, you’ll be able to know if you really want to book that ticket.

Make Lemonade Out Of Lockdown Lemons

lemon | NucificThere’s no denying that quarantine is changing the way people live. But it’s up to you to make the best of it. You do not actually have to leave the house to find relaxing hobbies and new experiences to try.

Push yourself to be creative or get out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn a great deal about yourself and your family. Quarantine doesn’t have to be a prescription for boredom. It could provide you a little extra time to figure out what you really love to do.

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