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Spotlight On Mental Health: Try These Easy And Fun Stress Relieving Activities

We all have times of high stress and moments of anxiety. Thankfully, there are some fun stress relieving activities that might just help relieve some stress and promote relaxation. Many of them may be able to relax not only the mind, but the body as well.

Here are a few suggestions that might help with stress management. Hopefully, once you find the ones that interest you the most, you’ll find the relaxation you’ve been searching for.

Your Mental Health And Stress Management: Easy And Fun Stress Relieving Activities

If stress levels get out of control, it could possibly lead to some serious health consequences, including damage to your immune health.1

sick woman at work | NucificStress leads to production of the stress hormone cortisol. Over time, that can result in a reduction in specialized white blood cells known as lymphocytes. These are the cells that help your body combat infections. If your lymphocyte levels are too low, it may make you susceptible to colds and other problems. It might also lead to increased anxiety.2

The good news is that stress management comes in many different forms. Some of these techniques might seem odd at first glance. However, studies show that they really work. Here are just a few examples.

Hand-Holding To Reduce Stress

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Research suggests that something as simple as holding hands with your partner may act as a stress reliever.

Participants in one study were subjected to a mild shock while holding their spouse’s hand. They then held a stranger’s hand when subjected to the shock, and then no one’s hand. According to the results, when the participants’ held their partner’s hand, their brains had a substantially reduced reaction to the shock compared to the other two scenarios.3


stress management | NucificA great massage not only feels great, but it can also lead to positive chemical changes in your body. Participants in one study submitted blood samples shortly after receiving a 45-minute massage. They not only had lower levels of chemicals linked to stress, they also had more lymphocytes, which may suggest a stronger immune system.4

Wash Your Dishes In A Mindful Fashion

washing dishes | NucificGranted, this is an odd way to relieve stress and anxiety. But according to one study, mindful dishwashing may help reduce stress.

This means really taking your time to wash your dishes by hand. Focus on how the soap smells. Focus on how the warm water feels. Those who did this, according to the results, saw their anxiety levels drop by nearly 30 percent.5

Ways To Relax Quickly: Meditation And Deep Breathing When Feeling Overwhelmed

There are other stress management activities you can try when you’re feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. Here are just a few to consider.


how to relieve stress and anxiety | NucificMeditation can be an effective method of stress management. In a nutshell, it’s a mental exercise as well as a stress reliever. By focusing your mind on one single thing, you might be able to let all other thoughts melt away.6

Staying in the moment can do wonders for your mental well-being. Your mind won’t be wrapped up in your present-day concerns.7

There are a lot of ways to practice meditation. More than likely, there’s someone in your area who can help get you started. Go online, do a little research, and see if this practice is right for you.

Deep Breathing

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Breathing exercises may help reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, and help you feel better. Deep breathing helps tell your brain that it’s okay to calm down. The brain then relays that message to the rest of the body. Much like meditation, breathing exercises can help clear your mind of all the things that might be causing you to stress out.8

One of the best things about deep breathing exercises is you can perform them anywhere. You don’t need to join a gym, and you don’t need any expensive equipment.9

There’s a good chance you can find some breathing exercises that work for you through a simple internet search. Deep breathing apps that may help keep you calm and focused are also available.

Any Kind Of Exercise Or Workout: Get Outdoors To Help Relieve Some Stress

Couple workoutsYou already know that physical activity can benefit your overall health. But there is evidence that exercising outside can help reduce stress better than an inside workout. According to the results of one study, participants had lower levels of anxiety and stress when exercising outdoors rather than indoors.10

If you’re struggling to find a healthy work-life balance, exercising outside could help if you’re burned out. Outdoor exercise may also boost your energy levels and help reduce negative feelings.11 It’s also great to get some fresh air once in a while, so why not give hiking, biking or some other outdoor exercise a try?

Unmanageable Stress Levels And Anxiety: Talk To A Health Professional

stressed man at therapy | NucificMany people have sky-high stress levels. Stress can seem so overwhelming you think there’s no escape. This can lead to emotional changes that worsen over time. You might miss work, or start acting differently toward your friends, family, and co-workers. Stress can even lead to physical issues, such as headaches and nausea.

Hopefully, the stress management techniques listed above will help you relax. If they don’t, however, there’s nothing wrong with turning to a professional.

Don’t hesitate to get help. It’s not worth it to continually put your mental and physical health at risk. Talking to a professional, like a doctor or a behavioral therapist, is not a sign that you’ve failed, or that you’re weak. It’s actually just the opposite. It means you have the strength to take control of your situation and improve your life.12

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