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Fall Wellness: Outdoor Exercises And Activities That Are Great For The Autumn Season

Summer has come and gone, but there are still plenty of reasons and ways to stay in shape. Autumn is a great time to develop an outdoor workout and stay motivated with fall fitness goals.

Just because the fresh air is getting crisper doesn’t mean you have to change your fitness and wellness routine or stop getting exercise. Read on to learn about getting exercise through outdoor activities in a fall fitness program.

Outdoor Activities To Boost Your Health In Autumn

It’s important to get exercise even after swimsuit season is over. It is recommended that you maintain a year-round fitness and wellness routine to stay in good shape and optimal health.1

The fall season can be an ideal time to explore outdoor physical activities like running, walking, bike riding, and more.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise

An outdoor fitness program can boost your mind and body in ways that a gym workout simply can’t.

  • Fresh air is better for your body. According to the EPA, the air in the great outdoors may be better for your health than the air indoors.2
  • Walking, running, riding a bike – even doing squats – in an outdoor setting means adapting to an environment as it changes. This may force your body to work harder, increasing the benefits of your workout.3
  • Running, walking, and riding a bike outside may be more beneficial for your mental health than the same types of exercise in a gym.4
  • Sunlight can increase your Vitamin D levels.5

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Awesome Autumn Activities: Running, Bike Riding, And Even Walking The Golf Course

Here is a list of outdoor activities that you can try in the fall:

Go For A Run

Many people think the fall is the ideal time to start running. The outdoor air temperature is often a perfect mix of cool and crisp, and there is plenty of natural beauty to look at as you run.6

Take A Hike

Go for a scenic walk in the woods to commune with nature and keep fit.

Bike It

Build up your leg strength and stamina on two wheels.

Hit The Circuit

Circuit training – also called cross training – is a great way to supplement running activities. Search for an outdoor circuit training challenge online and take advantage of all the outdoors can offer.

Tennis, Anyone?

Breathe in the fresh air and practice your backhand out on the hardcourt.

Flex Your Green Thumb

Gardening has plenty of health and wellness benefits, and even with winter around the corner, there’s plenty to be done from raking and mulching, to planting bulbs for the spring.

Be A Yoga Master

Connect with nature and hone your mind by doing outdoor yoga. Watch the leaves change while changing your mental balance.7

Practice Your Golf Game…On Foot

A golf course may be an excellent place to get exercise and burn calories by walking. Studies have shown that a round of 18 holes where players walk, rather than ride in a cart, may burn up to 900 calories. Golfers may walk up to four miles on a course as well.8

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Group Fitness Programs With Friends Can Keep You Motivated

If staying motivated to walk, bike, or lose weight seems like a difficult task, you may want to consider joining a group exercise class. Group exercise activities can help encourage you to work hard. They may also help you to meet new people, learn new exercise techniques, and encourage others.9

Common group exercise activities may include running clubs, walk meet-ups, or even a fitness and wellness boot camp.

Too Cold Already To Get Outside? Get In The Gym To Burn Calories And Stay Fit

Some people may find it too cold or too dark to continue their early morning or evening outdoor exercise program in the cooler months. Some days may be too chilly for an outdoor workout, even at noon.

However, it’s important not to sacrifice your health and wellness. There are still plenty of ways to get adequate exercise during the fall and winter months.

fall fitness | NucificYou should be familiar with your comfort levels. If it is too cold or too dark for your comfort, consider taking your exercise program into the gym or an indoor area.

You can even get a quick workout at home or work using nothing but your own body weight. There are plenty of ideas easily found online.

Should I Develop A Nutrition Plan For My Fall Fitness Routine?

A nutrition plan may be a helpful piece of a fall fitness program or training routine. The autumn harvest season can be an excellent source of fresh fruits and vegetables, ripe produce, nuts, and more to add to your workout diet.10

Whether your goal is to burn calories and hit a cardio workout at boot camp, or to walk daily and lose weight before the holiday season, a nutrition plan may be a good idea for you.

Some Nutrition Plan Pointers If Your Aim Is…

To Lose Weight:

  • Focus your mind on healthy nutrition
  • Cut back on calories and sugar
  • Add structure to your eating schedule
  • Keep track of what you eat
  • Make realistic goals for yourself
  • Be patient and take your time11
To Boost Your Cardio Strength:
  • Time your meals to your workout
  • Eating 60 minutes to 90 minutes before your workout is ideal to fuel your body.
  • Eating 20 minutes to 30 minutes after your workout can help your body recover.
  • Make sure your food is digested before your cardio workout begins
  • Replenish your muscles with nutrients and maintain energy with protein and electrolytes (just watch out for sugary sports drinks)12
  • Consume healthy carbohydrates to generate energy if you practice interval training13

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To Maintain Overall Health And Good Shape:

  • Cook more at home to support health and wellness
  • Get calories mostly from food, not beverages
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Decrease your sugar intake
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Set attainable goals14

Stay Awesome In Autumn

Autumn can be a wonderful time to develop an outdoor workout and remain motivated with your fitness goals. You don’t need a personal trainer to maintain your fitness levels in the fall. There are plenty of ways to improve your health, lose weight, and to exercise your mind and body this season.

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