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Healthy Snacks For Work: Ideas And Tips

Snack time at work doesn’t have to be a guilt-ridden event. Healthy work snacks can actually make you feel better and improve the quality of your day. Best of all, they can still be delicious. With minimal effort, you can plan out healthy snacks to have ready when you feel peckish. Find great healthy work snacks ideas and more below.

Why Healthy Work Snacks Are Important

Long work days don’t always leave time for a proper meal. Without a piece of fruit or some healthy trail mix at the ready, you may find yourself reaching for those potato chips. But, you want to watch your calorie intake from snacking. And what you snack on matters.1 When you choose healthy snacks, you do right by your body in all sorts of ways.

Healthy snacking may support:

Energy Levels

Healthy work snacks can give your supply of energy a much needed boost. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that help support healthy blood sugar and help you maintain energy levels.2

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The food you eat is more than fuel for the body. It also keeps your mind healthy and happy. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables all contain antioxidants that may help ease stress and leave you feeling good.3


Fueling up on nutritious snacks that contain lots of fiber, protein, and healthy fats might help you feel full for longer periods of time. That’s because it takes longer to process these nutrients than those simple carbohydrates found in many packaged snacks.4

Weight Loss Efforts

Choosing healthy snacks for work might help with weight management in a few ways.

  • Eating healthy, sugar-free work snacks may help support healthy blood sugar levels. This can help you limit the urge for sugary foods that lead to weight gain.5
  • A healthy, nutrient-dense snack can help you feel satisfied and full for long periods of time with very few calories.6
  • Making your own snacks gives you the power to manage portion sizes. Small or single portions may help eliminate the chance of excessive snacking.7

Office Snack Ideas And Tips

Check out some of these healthy work snacks ideas and tips to follow when preparing your work snacks.

Avoid Added Sugars

healthy snacks for work | NucificSugar occurs naturally in many fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables. However, these foods also have lots of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Your body digests them more slowly, which may mean fewer of those dreaded sugar crashes.8

When it comes to snack planning, you should try to avoid added sugars. These kinds of sugars are usually found in packaged foods. One study found that nearly 60% of food purchased from grocery stores contained some added sugar.9

Portion Size Matters

Packing your own snacks allows you to control the calorie content of your snacks. Choose foods that stick within recommended daily caloric levels. Try to keep portions limited to exactly what you need to limit the chance of overeating.10

Skip The Sweet Drinks

drinking water | Nucific

What you drink at your desk can have as much impact as what you eat. Snacking on cottage cheese won’t do you as much good if you chase it down with a liter of carbonated sugar water. Sugary drinks are loaded with calories that can lead to weight gain. Plus, all that sugar can lead to a huge drop in your energy levels and serious health issues over time.11

Tip: If you really want a sugary drink, try adding a natural sweetener such as stevia. You could also add lemon, orange, or cucumber to still or sparkling water to liven things up.

Healthy Work Snacks Ideas

Here you can find a range of healthy work snacks ideas that are easy to put together. There’s something to satisfy just about any snack craving.

Granola And Greek Yogurt

yogurt muesli | NucificGreek yogurt is a great breakfast snack with lots of protein.12 A dash of granola on top will give you an extra dose of fiber, too. But make sure that the yogurt and granola don’t have added sugar.13

Apples And Peanut Butter

Apples and peanut butter are an easy desk snack that require no assembly. Simply dunk and enjoy. The healthy fats in peanut butter can give you a nice boost of energy and help you feel full longer. Again, just make sure your peanut butter doesn’t contain any added sugar.14

Tip: You can also enjoy this snack with nut butter alternatives, such as cashew butter or almond butter.

Carrots And Hummus

Looking for a great plant-based source of fiber and protein? Hummus has got you covered. The main ingredient – chickpeas – are also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.15 Hummus also goes great with other fresh veggies. So, don’t be afraid to experiment by dipping with bell pepper or celery sticks. Just look for a no-sugar-added option.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

healthy work snacks | NucificHard-boiled eggs are a high-quality protein snack that can go just about anywhere with you. They also have lots of heart-healthy unsaturated fats that make them a big winner in the health department.16

Roasted Almonds

Roasted almonds have a long shelf-life, making them a handy snack to keep stowed in your desk drawer. They’re full of fiber and protein to help keep you full and energized.17

Avocado On Whole-Grain Crackers

Aside from being delicious, avocados are a great source of fat and fiber.18 You can take them on the go and dip your favorite whole-grain cracker right inside. Whole-grain crackers are a dreamy companion because the grains offer you lots of nutrients, like iron and fiber.19

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate snack | NucificDessert fans need not worry. There are healthy sweets for you to nosh on at work, too. Dark chocolate is a great choice when you need to satisfy that sweet tooth. Cocoa contains lots of minerals and a hefty amount of flavonols, plant compounds thought to help support health. Just remember, the darker the chocolate, the less sugar.20

Healthy Work Snacks: A Little Work For A Lot Of Reward

With just a little planning and prep before work, you can enjoy a long day of guilt-free snacking. Healthy snacks for work may help keep your hunger at bay and give you an extra bit of energy. Most importantly, though, healthy snacks can be good for your mental and physical health. Use the ideas above to start enjoying all the benefits of a new, healthy snack routine.

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