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Shocking: You’ve been eating poisoned apples and other produce

You’ve been eating poisoned apples…

It’s very important that you learn two things right now:

  1. What highly toxic substance has made its way into your produce, and …
  2. The easiest way to avoid ingesting more of it.

I’m about to tell you both.

The toxic substance you’ve been ingesting is an active ingredient in nerve gas used to kill people during wartime.

It was also recently used—in the form of nerve agent called Sarin—in terrorist attacks in Asia.

The substance is called organophosphate, and large-scale farms all over the world have been using it as convenient pesticide to increase crop production.

The Big Problem:  The truth is that this toxic substance isn’t only a problem found in apples. The fruits and vegetables you eat absorb organophosphate…and it fails to come off when you rinse them, ultimately making its way into your body…

… and this substance is so toxic, it can be deadly even in considerably smaller amounts than you would find in nerve agents.

This fact was confirmed in 2013 by an unthinkable tragedy in India that was covered in National Geographic.

It’s just so awful, I have a hard time even writing about it…

After eating a free school lunch provided under a national program called the Mid-Day Scheme, 25 children aged 4-12 suddenly fell ill and died shortly afterward.

The lunch they had eaten contained soybeans, lentils, and rice that had been sprayed with organophosphate, and the children’s little bodies shut down from the toxicity.

When I think about all those families, I can’t take it…

After such a terrible, avoidable tragedy like that, you’d think this poison would be banned…

But it continues to be widely used in produce, even in the United States, where it’s especially present in apples, pears, and grapes.

Now, it’s possible that those poor little children in India consumed food with a higher dosage of organophosphate than we usually get in our food here…


Even when you consume the smallest amounts of it, it accumulates in your body tissue and silently begins to damage your nervous system.

This accumulated toxicity was covered in depth in a 2008 toxicology report published in the Israel Medical Association Journal.

Some of the most common symptoms people have reported include…

  • Increased irritability
  • Seemingly random body pains and headaches
  • Sudden loss of energy
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning
  • Problems staying motivated or focused
  • Exhaustion at the end of the day…yet significant trouble falling asleep

So, I want you to cut down on foods that contain this dangerous neurotoxin right now, and I’ll show you how…

Organophosphate is mainly used by large industrial farms that supply non-organic produce to big grocery chains.

This gives you two simple ways to avoid it:

1. When you do shop at big grocery stores, go with the organic produce options as much as possible.

Organic rules dictate that pesticides like organophosphate are not used in the food. If you have to shop at chain grocery stores, this is a good option.

2. Have a fun weekend excursion to your local farmer’s market and buy your produce there.

The smaller local farms that sell at farmer’s markets are far less likely to put pesticides like organophosphate in your produce.

WARNING: Farm-fresh produce is absolutely delicious. Once you start eating it, you’ll likely have a hard time going back to that industrial stuff at the supermarket.

In fact, if you’d like to experience the farm-fresh difference for yourself, you can do it in 3 easy steps…

STEP 1 – Get a package of industrially farmed apples from the supermarket and a fresh batch of apples from the farmer’s market.

STEP 2 – Taste them side-by-side.

STEP 3 – Throw the industrial apples away.

Case closed.

Once you start eating fruits and vegetables that aren’t loaded with neurotoxins humans were never meant to consume, you’ll begin to notice two wonderful things…

  1. You feel better and more energetic.
  2. Your meals are much more delicious.

So, please make this change to remove organophosphate from your diet as soon as you can.

It can make a huge difference in your current and future health.

I hope you’ve found this email enlightening.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Amy Lee
Nucific Board of Directors

About the Author

Dr. Amy Lee

Dr. Amy Lee has board certifications in internal medicine, physician nutrition and obesity medicine specialty. She practices internal medicine with a heavy emphasis on nutrition, wellness and weight management. Her Clinical nutrition fellowship training at UCLA has allowed her to incorporate realistic lifestyle modification in all her medicine patients.