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Fall Fitness: Tips to Stay Active When Summer Ends

Autumn has arrived, but you don’t need to stop your exercise program or workout routine just because summer is over. There are plenty of fall fitness activities to help you keep up your health and wellness routine and hit your fitness goals.

You may like to breathe the fresh air during an early morning outdoor running workout. Or you may prefer to challenge yourself to hit the gym for a post-office hours cardio workout. Either way, the fall is a wonderful time for physical activity.

Read here to learn about some great fall fitness and wellness tips including walking, running, bike training and more. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any new fitness program or exercise.

Outdoor Activities And Ways To Stay Healthy In Autumn: Running, Walking And MoreLow Angle View Of Mature Man Running Through Autumn Woodland

Experts recommend that you maintain a fitness program and routine of wellness year-round to stay in good shape and prime health.1 Autumn can be an ideal season to enjoy outdoor physical activities and get exercise in the fresh air.

A Walk In The Park: How Outdoor Exercise Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

While there are plus sides to working out in a gym or another indoor facility, there are several benefits to outdoor training as well. A fitness program in the great outdoors may be able to boost your mind and body in ways that vary from a gym workout.

  • Walking, riding a bike, or running outdoors may support a positive mood.2
  • Going for a walk or run, weight training, or simply doing squats outside means that your body will be adapting to a changing environment. Switching up your environment might encourage you to work harder or try a new exercise.3
  • Your body’s Vitamin D levels are increased in sunlight.4
  • Fresh air is excellent for your health.5

Fantastic Outdoor Activities For Fall

Here are some outdoor activities for you to try this fall season:

Go For A Bike Ride

Take to two wheels and cruise your favorite stretch of road.

Take A Walk In The Woods – Or Just Around The Block

A scenic walk can help you stay in shape while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Hit The Ground Running

Autumn may be the ideal time to head outside for a run. The air temperature is frequently pleasant – not too hot and not too cool – and the scenery can keep you focused and inspired while running along.6

Circuit Training

Circuit training, also known as cross-training, can help you hone your physical strength as well as your cardio strength. A personal trainer who specializes in this method of training may be able to help you find an outdoor circuit training course.

Link Up And Hit The Links

Golfing is a great way to get a workout, and it can help you stay connected socially. A golf scramble can be an excellent group fitness outing. Plus, if you walk the course rather than ride in a cart, you can get plenty of exercise and burn calories. Walking 18 holes of golf may burn up to 900 calories. Golfers may walk up to four miles on a single course.7

Tennis For Two – Or Four, Or Even One

Grab your racquet and hit the hardcourt with a partner or a doubles group for group exercise. You can also practice your groundstrokes solo against a hitting wall.

Indoor Fall Fitness Activities: Hit The Gym For Weight Training, Racquetball And Moreasian mother and daughter doing yoga exercises on vacation in the room at home. people having fun indoors with fitness. concept of friendly family and of summer day.

As the air turns crisp and the days get short this holiday season, you may find that indoor exercise is more your speed. The gym can be an ideal place to burn calories and get in a great fall workout.

The Benefits Of An Indoor Workout

If the short, cool days of the fall and the holiday season are too cold or too dark for your comfort, you may want to move your exercise program to an indoor arena. Even during midday hours, you may find the air too chilly for an outdoor workout in the fall.

There are still plenty of ways to get adequate exercise during the fall season, no matter your training and fitness levels. A gym workout can be beneficial. You can also get in a quick workout from home using nothing but your own body weight. There are plenty of at-home workout challenges that are easy to access online. Search for one that matches your fitness level and requirements.

Here are some reasons why an indoor or gym workout can be a good idea in the fall.

Longer Hours With The Lights On

It’s pretty simple: a gym workout can keep you lit longer during those short, fall daylight hours.

Temperature Control

When it’s cold outside, a gym workout can help you maintain a comfortable and healthy temperature.8

Avoid Polluted Air

Air pollution can be problematic for respiratory illnesses and breathing issues. Check the air quality online before beginning an outdoor workout. If it’s low in your area, an indoor workout in a properly ventilated gym may remove those dangers.

Stay Motivated And Safe With Group Fitness Classes And A Personal Training Routine

Working out in a group fitness situation or hiring a personal trainer can help you stay motivated. Additionally, enrolling in a fitness program, boot camp, or personal training class taught by a certified instructor can ensure that you are performing each exercise properly. Learning proper form is important for getting the most out of a workout and helping to avoid injury. The hands-on personal training may also make your exercise routine more effective.9

Workout And Equipment Diversity

Many gym facilities provide multiple types of fitness program options and a diverse range of exercise equipment. The gym can be a great way to keep your workout routine interesting. Your body can also benefit from the variety. Flexibility and diversity are important fitness and wellness factors.10

Stationary Equipment Can Be A Safer Exercise Option

A low-impact workout, like a stationary bike ride, can give you a good workout without putting pressure on your injury-prone areas. Exercise machines may also be good ways to practice interval training to burn calories and increase your cardio strength.11

Incredible Indoor Activities For Fall

After getting approval from your doctor, you might try one of these fun indoor activities:

  • Aerobic Dance Class
  • Ice Skating At An Indoor Rink
  • Interval Training At A Spin Class
  • Indoor Basketball
  • Lap Swimming In A Heated Indoor Pool
  • Kickboxing
  • Yoga12
  • Racquetball

Keep Your Fall Fitness Levels Moving Forward

Even though swimsuit season is over, your exercise routine shouldn’t have to slow down. With the guidance of your doctor and a physical trainer, you can achieve your fitness goals this season.

Be sure to eat a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables to better support your overall health and fitness goals.

Fall is a wonderful time for physical activity, so keep up the good work.

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